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OT/Petition regarding maureen mclaughlin

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hello all
i had posted here asome time ago about my pregnant cat boubou, in greece, who ultimately gave birth to still born kittens but got spayed and is now fine
im cross posting this here as well coz i was afraid it d get lost in the general forums - after all, there are many messages on this site, and i wanted to make sure - sorry if this is inappropriate
Permission to CROSS POST!!

This petition is to get Maureen McLaughlin the maximum sentence for
the senseless murder of more than 650 companion animals since July
2002. Please sign and pass on. This petition will be downloaded and
sent to Prosecutor Hedrick when McLaughlin nears her hearing and her
trial date for these crimes.

This will be sent for the first time to Prosecutor Hedrick on March
22, 2007. If you can send this to anyone you know who loves animals
and cherishes their lives, please do so. The more signatures, the
bigger the impact.

Please be heard and send this woman to jail!!!

http://www.gopetiti on.com/online/ 11506.html
<http://www.gopetiti on.com/online/ 11506.html>

thank you all
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i see the link doesnt work, im sorry, here it is again
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i've signed it and past it on to all my contacts
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I have to go lay down and eat a bit but I have saved the link and will read up on it before I actually sign it. If it is what I think I will be more then happy to
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Is the prosecutor the one who decides the sentence?
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I'm about to go read up about this more. Its awful what she has done. I have a gut feeling (without knowing the whole case) that an 'insanity' plea might come up
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see this topic has been moved but i cant find out where - im hopeless lol
thank you trudge, and everyone - zissou'smom, i am in greece so dont know how the system works in usa - i dont think the prosecutor decides on the sentence tho, but he is the one who recommends one, prosecuting somone with such and such charges and recommending a sentence - then its up to the judge or jurry to decide if someone is guilty or innocent - but there has to be a starting point somewhere - i mean, the prosecutor may decide to recommend a sentence of, say, one month in jail, or decide to prosecute to the full extent of the law, so this petition is to show him he should do the latter
thanks again
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I just saw this thread! Just in case it's not too late I signed the petition. I'm also going to write to the prosecutor asking him to recommend a lengthy prison sentence. A serial killer is a serial killer, regardless of whether the victim has 2 legs or 4. If they let her off the hook there is a good probability that her next victim will be human and could be a child or a baby.
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has more details.

Regardless of the insanity plea, the worst she will do is 1.5 years for this horrible horrible act.

Life in prison will not be enough for the suffering she caused hundreds.
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At the pre-trial hearing today, she was ordered to undergo psychological testing. Prosecutor Hedrick said that he is sure that she will be deemed competent to stand trial. The next pre-trial hearing is set for May 1. If she pleads guilty, a date for sentencing will be set. If she doesn't plead guilty then a jury trial date will be set.

In Ohio, what she did is classified as a midemeanor. That will change!
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