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Latest Joji photos

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My senior and favorite girl!!!

The eyes I adore!
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Wow! What awesome pictures!! I wish I had that kind of photography talent. She has such beautiful green eyes!
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Joji is such a pretty girl, and those EYES

Great pics!
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Gorgeous eyes! She is such a pretty girl.
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Very few of my bengals have eyes as amazing as your cats eyes. Just beautiful. You must love looking at them eveyday.
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her eyes do dtand out. It is her best female asset
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Stunning eyes!! She's a love.
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o my such a cutie pie, and look at those eyes just soooo cute
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very nice, and yep those are some very good looking eyes.
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those are beautiful eyes
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aww........ Joji is such a Princess - well she has those wonderful jewel eyes
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WOW!!! Very beautiful pictures and those eyes are breath taking!!!
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Oh what beautiful eyes
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Great pictures! I LOVE those green eyes
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Her eyes are absolutely gorgeous!
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