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I went to Carl's Jr. last night... Ordered their star cheese burger. Love it.. and I also ordered a Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, Large Fries and a Coke for take out..
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Carls jr for the six dollar burger that I can order with no bun and not get a dirty look

Waterburger.... ohhhh do I miss those
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I want to try the spicy chicken maybe ai will Friday it is spicy Labor vibes lol
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Well what can you say about the Hardees Commercial? I was browsing for sexy ads on the internet, and I saw Hardees website pop-up on the search results…Wow she is easy on the eyes, and not to mention that she made me really want to try out the new Buffalo Chicken burger. Hey, why not? It was actually pretty good. Hardees even though a bit expensive than the other burgers the taste is very good.
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Carl's Jr/Hardee's
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I really like Ruby Tuesday's burgers. They have a wide selection and their decent quality, they won't kill you as fast as say Burger King's or McDonald's burgers will
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In and Out, hands down best burger.

Sonic comes a close second.
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I LOVE Hardee's burgers... but my favorite are Snappy's- they are a small place in Rochester where I do my training, I've never seen another one, they are sooo good!
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