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Everything happens for a reason - right?

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My mantra these days: Everything happens for a reason. I deserve good things.

Although - I'm beginning to think that reason life seems to send us so many obstacles is that I was Elizabeth Bathory (thank you for that information in the horrible women of history thread!) in a past lifetime.

The place we wanted to rent that our Real Estate agent said the Landlord wanted to move ahead with the lease? The RE agent for the landlord continued showing it to people - and now there's a couple that want to lease it for two years then buy it. Ernie thinks she's just trying to bid the rent up.

Either way - we can't afford a bidding war, and we can't afford the time to keep looking. Gary's got a HUGE test a week from Monday. Our careers (and ability to get paid) depend on it. He's in cycle for the cluster headaches (of course) and he is suffering so badly. And he has SUCH a huge phobia about tests. Knowing the material isn't the problem - being able to complete the test or not freak out while taking it is. ( ) (He left home and school at 15). He is SO stressed out - and that makes his IBS worse...

Obviously we have to keep looking now as it looks like that home isn't going to be ours to rent. In the meantime, the "For Sale" sign goes up in front of this place next week.

I'm really trying to stay positive about things - but I'm not having so much luck with that today. *sad smile*

If anyone could spare a few positive vibes and a couple of hugs, I could really use them today!

to everyone!

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Laurie, take a deep breath. Everything should work out for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers and I know that things will turn out just fine.
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Sending a whole mountain load of "positive things happening" vibes to you. and as many hugs as they will let me here:

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Hang in there, if this doesn't come to pass it wasn't meant to be because something better is JUST around the corner! Whatever happens WILL be for the best! I promise!
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Awww Laurie
I'm so sorry that things aren't looking positive right now, but your right: Everything happens for a reason I've had some pretty stressful moments recently too, and you just have to stay positive, and you know we're all here for you, always
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Sending you an energy prayer. Keep saying your positive affirmations, and structure them as if they have already happened.
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Sending lots of )))vibes((( and good wishes.
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Laurie - you are in my thoughts.
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I'm sending lots of and your way, Laurie. Things have got to improve!
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OK. Got "lost" in the Nutrition and Behavior forums for a little while - and

I laughed at a couple of posts in The Cat Lounge.

I took a deep breath.

...and found all your good wishes, vibes and hugs, and I feel SOOOOO much better! I actually started crying again - but this time it was a happy cry because I have such wonderful people and support at TCS.

I should look at it this way - at least we have the RV so being homeless isn't a possibility!

At the very worst we can put everything we don't immediately need and all the furniture into storage and move back into the RV. There is a beautiful RV park just a few miles from here - and they open April 15.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well, I'm glad you've found a ray of sunshine, Laurie, but it still is a bummer of a development! Lots of vibes coming your way.
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That's great that you have the RV to fall back on. If my husband had his way, we would pack everything up and drive around the continent in an RV!

I'm sending {{{{ positive vibes }}}} to you for your house hunting, and for Gary's health.
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hope that everthing works out for you
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Oh sweets! I hope that a rainbow magically appears and shows you the way to your new house. Til then, you have your RV, your kitties and each other (and us of course) right?
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With a thread title like this......you must know I would show up!

I see you already took a breath and put things back in perspective. As I know very well, things can get out of perspective very fast. When this happens, take a breath, realize you do have the strength to handle each event....but one at a time chikk! Anyone would feel overwhelmed when their life feels like it's being pulled from under their feet.

You are a smart woman, with a wonderful husband and a life full of furry love. What else do you need? Just the perspective that everything does happen for a reason (had to throw that in there...) and you will work everything out in time.

One step at a time Laurie...no need to run.
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Sending many vibes for Gary to do well on his test{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}
I remember you wrote that the rental market was pretty good?? Perhaps after his test is over you can start over on looking for a new place to rent.
And yes thank goodness you have the RV to fall back on.
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Adding my {{{{prayers and vibes}}}} that Gary does well on his tests and that you find a wonderful home very soon! I've lived in a travel trailer before, and there are the plusses, as well the drawbacks. You have a great attitude! and that should entitle you to some welcome blessings
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Here are some for you, Laurie!
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Oh, just when you thought everything was sorted! But you are an amazing and optimistic person, and will get over this hurdle. Good vibes for Gary and for both of you that the right home appears very quickly if you lose this one.
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Awww Laurie!!

Your thread title also dragged me in. My mom was the biggest believer in "everything happens for a reason" that I've ever met and passed it on to me. But when you are living in the moment before you realize what that means, it really stinks.

You are very fortunate to have the RV right now. You're dream home will show up when it is the right time.
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Many vibes and good luck heading your way. I to believe everything happens for a reason, and we just don' know sometimes till later what that reason is, it's hard to be patient though
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Awww...:hug: I hope everything does work out for the best.
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Lots of vibes for Gary's test and for finding a wonderful home soon so that you can both stop worrying about it all
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Laurie, sending you all of the most positive vibes I can!!!

Hang in there, because everything will be OKAY!!! EVENTUALLY!!! Just force yourself to smile and relax, even when it seems impossible!
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Sending calming and good luck vibes to you and Gary. It will all work out in the end. And, like you said you aren't going to be homeless. This will give you a chance to find the house of your dreams! I agree...everything happens for a reason, even if we don't understand it at the time.
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Aw Laurie, I am sorry things are so stressful for you and Gary right now. Things have a way of getting crappier and crappier sometimes. They do have to get better sometime though.

I am sending many vibes your way that things will start to look up
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I'm sending out my best vibes for Gary and his test and my most positive vibes for you both to find the perfect house
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I'm sending many good vibes and best wishes to you today, I hope everything will work out for you both. I also feel for Gary since I have suffered with headaches all my life hope he is feeling better soon.
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Good gosh it just never seems to end, does it?

All I can say is that something in the cosmos is SERIOUSLY out of whack, and it just has to correct itself sometime SOON!

Sending lots and lots of luck, calm, healthy and happy vibes to you and Gary!!!
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Well, here's the first good news:

We spoke to the landlord, and we can stay here while he shows the place, and they'll show by appointment (with us) only.

We really didn't want to stay while they show the place, especially because of Gary's illnesses. BUT - it's better than having to move twice (moving our stuff into storage while living in the RV and then moving back into a home somewhere).

But this is good news, especially right now - because it means Gary gets to focus on studying for Monday's exam.

Thank you all SO MUCH for your good wishes and good vibes! I was so down. It just feels overwhelming sometimes. So thank you so much for being here to help pick me back up!

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