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Chevy stared the whole time! Summer did too! Summer inched closer and was sniffing....I'm thinking she was wondering what happened to her Meowmy!
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I'll have to try it out on Popsie later. He probably won't do anything though. He's a nit wit.
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I had Beauty on my lap just now and tried panting. She looked at me, stopped purring and jumped straight back down wagging her tail.
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Oh my gosh, lmao! Okay, here's my story.
Angel: tail bushed!, eyes wide and and following me cautiously like "What the-?!"
Tiger: doesn't flinch and probably thinks I've gone bonkers.

These two have experienced dogs before, my parents little ones and they certainly did not like them although they did get curious after being with them for an hour.
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You know, after reading all these posts about going and making wierd noises and panting at cats..... it only really highlights one thing for me. Just how absolutely nuts we all are!!
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Hear! Hear!
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I tried to attempt this one but my 3 dogs all started barking at me before Murfie had time to react.....shall try again another day!
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Ok, I'm just as crazy as everyone else and had to try this.

Freya and Elija were sitting on the desk on either side of my keyboard. When I started panting they just looked at me but not much of a reaction otherwise.

However, Olivia (GSD/Lab/mix) ran in from the living room and tried to jump in my face to see what was going on. The other two dogs didn't react at all.
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My cats didn't do anything. They didn't even bother to turn their heads to look at me.
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Swanie is sleeping on the couch beside my computer. I started to pant, and he turned around and looked me with his eyes real, and started sniffing in my direction. At that point I reassured him that I was okay and just being silly, and he's gone back to sleep.

I'll have to try it on Cindy sometime. She's upstairs with daddy right now.
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my cat only looked at me and looked around the room trying find out why i stoped and where the sound went lol
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Originally Posted by LilleKat View Post
You know, after reading all these posts about going and making wierd noises and panting at cats..... it only really highlights one thing for me. Just how absolutely nuts we all are!!
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lol Teddy looked at me like :censor::censor::censor:?! then he started sniffing me and snuggling my face lol. my bf saw me and thinks im losing my marbles lol
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My BF used to do that to his OTRB cat, Cato, who would get very worked up! BF would do it usually in the context of play wrestling with the cat, tho'.
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Darn Cocoa is too smart! He knew I was trying to get a reaction and made a show of ignoring me! He was sleeping when I started, kept his eyes closed and rolled over and groaned lol

The other 3 were interesting, and showed how our community is set in this house. The baby got all concerned and came towards me to see. Aki (usually a total daddys boy and a bit jelouse of me) actually looked worried and started creeping to me. Nala however had her maternal instinct kick and and blocked Aki from me!! Its the first time Ive seen her be defensive of anything but the baby.

*interesting, in the other room now, Nala is being miss hissy pants to everyone, even the baby. also a first. I think its related*

Baby Yandros, I should add, has a strange reaction to whistles or long kiss-noises. He always puffs out and stares. Im not sure what hes thinking, either play, fight, or that I have a mouse in my mouth.

All but Yandros have been around dogs.
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ok so i tried the panting on Murfie again while the dogs weren't around! She was on my lap and as soon as i started "panting" her eyes became wider than nornal (if thats even possible cos her eyes are so big already haha) and she started backing away from me....so cute!
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Don't forget about this fun experiment! Has anyone found an explanation for this?

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Dusty just looked at me with a puzzled look on her face. Whe wasn't alarmed at all.

But when I started meowing she ran to me and put her paws on my leg. She was looking for the other kitty, I guess.
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My Pooh Bear and Chunky Monkey freak out too, they will run over and start rubbing against me or lick me. I think it is because they think we are in trouble. I know cats and dogs can sense when something is not right with us like we are ill. I remember reading somewhere about this dog that sensed its owner had i want to say some kind of cancer? or something like that and he would lay his head on her chest all the time and whimper at her until she went to the doctor and told her. I could be far off, but i think it has something to do with we dont normally make those noises so when they hear it, its like OMG are you ok? lol
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OMG!!!! This was too funny! None of my cats did anything but Zoey. She went crazy and starting rolling around on the floor over and over again. Then she started to beat up the other cats. It sent her into hyperdrive. Now my husband is questioning me about these crazy ideas I'm getting from TCS!!!
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ahahahhahahhahahha I just tried it & Ginger's eyes got so big they looked they were going to pop out of her head! I can't stop laughing!!!
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My cat who died a year and a half ago would become very concerned when I would pretend cry (to see what he would do) when I first got him. I guess I did it too much, though, because eventually - even if I was really crying - he'd be like, f' it.

I tried the panting thing for a minute. The little one looked at me curiously for a minute then cleaned himself. The other one came in from the other room, looked at me, and then went to eat.
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Darn there are no cats around - I'll have to try it when one "pops" up!
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Zip zilch nada..... no reaction... and I even woke him up to do it LOL.
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Now I'm hyperventilating.
Goldy was sleeping on the windowsill in my office. I started panting and her head popped out between the vertical blinds and her eyes got really big. Then she followed me all over the house when I went panting at the other girls.

Iris and Cali just stared at me like, "You crazy, mom."

Miss Patchwillow's eyes got big and she ducked down and started backing away. (She's my scaredycat anyway).

Shareena stayed curled up in a ball, but she tried to drill me with her eyes and her tail started puffing up. I quit before she decided to attack.
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All of ours started freaking out and got rather scared! lol
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Two of my three cats got up and ran towards each other; I guess they didn't know where the sound was coming from!
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I just read this post yesterday so I tried it last night.

Reilly tore out of the room like a bat out of hell.
Lilah backed away from me and her tail puffed up twice the size.

How strange that it makes them freak like that!!
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Oh man so crazy.

She immediately jumped on the table and started meowing, like asking me if i'm okay.

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Swanie was sleeping on his back, he looked up, his eyes got big, and he came over here very slowing. Now he's on my computer table being very lovey and purry. I told him I was okay and sorry for scaring him,

Don't know where Cindy is, but I have a feeling she would ignore me. I'll have to check that out later.
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