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the Daily Thread TGIF 3-16

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It's Friday!

Rainy day here, and cooler. But we need the rain, so bring it on!

How about this for a holiday???

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Good morning everyone, coffee is ready
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Gotta get ready to go greet the little rug rats, I hope everyone here has a great day, C U when I get home this evening.

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Morning everyone! I think I need a french vanilla cappuccino this morning with my banana!
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OMG Neet, that holiday is too cute

Good morning everyone!

Well TGIF for sure!! I think I am going to my cousins stag and doe this weekend so that will be fun, I have never been to one I should get rip roaring squiffy I guess

Anyhoo, have a great Friday everyone!
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Morning girlies! Nita i hate hiccups

It's a chilly day here today Woo hoo my new carpets and flooring are being fitted tomorrow, but that means Rosie and Sophie are going to be stressed again But hopefully it'll all be over by lunchtime.
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Good morning everyone. Today is a sleep day, as I work nights this weekend. So have a good one all.
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Goood Morning all.

Have a fundraiser at the mall today and tomorrow... but I don't really want to go today, I spent almost all day in a mall yesterday.

I babysat midnights this week, and I can't sleep because the people in the apartment above the one I babysit in are morons and blare their music until 4am.

I am looking foward to coming home after cleaning the rescue, and going back to bed.

Have a good day everyone.
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I am starting 19 seeds packets today plus potting up some summer bulbs. That should take a fair amount of time. Have a stiff neck/shoulder so might have to try to stretch that out. Going to visit SIL in hospital tonite with a bit of grocery shopping after that.
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Sunny again, but seasonably cool.
I hate getting those hiccups you get sometimes as you wake up. Especially with my bladder...
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I have a sinus infection just in time for the weekend so feel bleh and have a 3 hour meeting this morning before I can try and sneak out early because my boss will be here
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I guess I shoulda posted my hiccup cure: done right, it works every time. (Plus it's the only thing I remember from high school science that actually WORKS!)

It looks strange if you do this alone....

Close your ears tightly with your index fingers, and drink a few swallows of ANY liquid (even beer . You might have to use a styrofoam cup or hold the liquid in yuor mouth first if you don't have someone who can help you sip.

It works every time! Hiccups are an inner ear imbalance (hence the ones when you get up, Jan) and the pressure change makes them go away.
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Hello everyone! Last night we slept with a new coverlet and a new blanket for me. I woke up freezing. I hope the comforter comes today. I am sure DH slept perfectly. Oh yea and there is SNOW outside. It was just 70 yesterday.
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Maybe you can go hang with Heather and snuggle with Louie and Lucky Girl!!!
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Whew Sunny and 88 here today, we have had some great weather Tomorrow is the Eric Clapton Concert " I can't wait" I can't wait... I feel bad that DH is going to miss it but my Daughter is going with me.
Hope everyone has a Good Safe Day and Weekend, I hope everyones staying home with there corned beef and cabbage tomorrow not out driving and drinking I'll have to be extra careful out driving as the concert is an Hour away
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Happy happy Friday all! Sorry you're not feeling well, Eithne! At least the snow isn't predicted to go your way - that's a good thing!
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Well, Friday's half over already and I haven't even stated work! Nice to have a light day for a change.
This morning I went into the living room where hubby was asleep on the recliner (he's sleeping there since his operation). Wiggies was sleeping in the chair next to him and I said "I love you" to Wiggies. Hubby woke up and mumbled back, so I had to pretend I'd said it to him instead.

Eithne - feel better soon!

Nat - go get squiffy girl and have a great time!

Gail - how is your SIL doing?
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Originally Posted by neetanddave View Post

Maybe you can go hang with Heather and snuggle with Louie and Lucky Girl!!!
Hmmm good idea! Heather what you serving today.
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Hi all!

Nothing new today, Bayley is feeling much better from his meds, and Harley seems better today too. He ate his lunch and came out from the bedroom. I'm going to be stopping by my vets office when I run errands to make an appt. for him.

Otherwise, my cousin is coming to visit tonight, so I'm excited! She's staying w/ a friend that attends college here in town, so she's staying w/ her, but hoepfully I'll get to see her tonight!

Tomorrow night, we're going OUT for St. Patty's Day! I'm sure I'll have plenty of good pics to share w/ you all after that!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
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Overslept and was an hour late for work

Have to go and fix our broken toilet handle in a minute

Not having a good day
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Good afternoon everyone!!

Its a beautiful day here, a little cooler than it has been all week, but still beautiful. Nothing exciting going on today that I know of. I'll be taking the dogs on a long walk this afternoon if the wind dies down a bit, a long day of relaxing for me!
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Originally Posted by silentNate View Post
Overslept and was an hour late for work

Have to go and fix our broken toilet handle in a minute

Not having a good day
Here's a for ya, buddy! Hope the rest of the day/night goes better!
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T.G.I.F here means I am closer to labor fingers crossed lol.
It is beautiful day here I even see butterflies and more birds outside
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It's been raining here for the last 3 days!!!!So, we have floods here.
It's suppose to be COLD here this weekend.
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I've had a pretty good day so far considering I had to be in for an 8am meeting (I don't normally get in until 9ish), and the day started with Smudge scaling my shirtless back this morning!

I haven't had any "morning" sickness, and I've even had an appetite! So I took advantage of that and had the mose awesome lunch! I had slow roasted beef brisket (apparently it had been slow roasting overnight!), awesome mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli (I love broccoli!), then had a Baileys Irish Cream truffle and a mint chocolate truffle - made onsite by the chefs. Man it was sooooooo good! I love working on days like this! And to top it off I sat outside in the sun and ate my lunch and it was just beautiful

Tonight we're going to a friends party in the city, and staying in a swish hotel in San Francisco afterwards (DH's yearly bonus came through, so we're splurging!), so it should be a great night as well!

Hope everyone is having a great St Patrick's Day!!!!
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