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Long Hair! White & It's Everywhere! Ha Ha !
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ya the bare cats are so cute, but it gets below 15 here so I dont dare have one in my old house.
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i have always had short haired cats. Less hair on furniture, and a bit less combing too.
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well all my cats are short-haired, but I didnt vote, cos it said what do you 'prefer' and to be honest I'm not bothered a jot, all mine are rescues and the hair length wouldnt have been a 'deal-breaker' for me !

maybe a 'not bothered' category.......I would have ticked that
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Four of mine were shorthaired and one was medium haired.
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I've always had shorthairs (pedigree or mixed). I did have one turkish angora for awhile - he didn't like the show ring and so a friend of mine who loved longhairs offered to adopt him.

Longhairs are pretty to look at, but I just don't want the grooming involved

And when I pet a cat, I want fur to pet
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Right now the poll shows 58% long and 73% short. There is something here I do not understand about these polls. So, in a multiple choice poll you must be able to check more than one answer?? Or has a new type of math been introduced?
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Short hair. My sister has a long haired cat and he always gets mats in his fur that are hard to brush out. I like the looks of long haired cats though. They are pretty. I just wouldn't want to brush them all the time. I never have to brush Wesley's! Much easier that way!
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All three of my girls are long haired. Maggie would probably be referred to as medium haired, but her tail is really fluffy! Spooky was short haired. I just love all cats, hair length really has nothing to do with it! I'm not sure about hairless though....I really enjoy the feel of fur when I'm petting them. There's nothing better than fur & purr!!!

Pookie & the girls
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