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Major Prayer Alert Guys

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Was just talking to Anne on MSN. Her town was just rocked with an explosion and her hubby was on his way home when it happened. She cannot get ahold of him by mobile and all the phone lines are down. She is sitting alone and worrying and listening to the sirens and the chaos outside. Please say a prayer for Issac's safety that he will come home and sweep Anne into his arms before this post goes up!
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Sending prayers right now.

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Oh, how horrible! My prayers are with Anne and Issac right now.
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Sending prayers to them both
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any word?????
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I just realized this just went there probably isn't any word yet. I haven't been online all weekend and wasn't sure how long this had been up. Silly me should have just looked before I posted.

Major prayers going up to Anne and her family.
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He just walked through the door!!!!!!!!!! She is talking to him now! Thanks for the added prayer support that brought him home to his family.
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Whew! I was afraid there would be bad news, but it's good. My prayers now go out to those hurt and their families.
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It was a bus explosion near the shopping district.
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thanks for the update MA!
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Just got online and saw this. Thank goodness, Anne's hubby is OK.

These crazy B@$!@%&s have GOT to be stopped! Ari Fleischer was right- these are HOMICIDE bombers.
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Thank you everyone!

I was so worried. I was hearing all those sirens outside and it sounded like they were headed for the train stations where he was supposed to come from dozens of them by the sound of it... and with the phone lines down I couldn't reach him and didn't know what was going on.

10 minutes later it was on the local radio and internet news sites and I knew it was actually on the other side of town. It's next to a shopping center where we often go to shop for ron's toys and clothes - they have great shops for baby clothes.

Thank you again everyone - and thank you Mary Anne for being there and holding my hand while I was waiting!
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I am glad he came home safely!
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So glad hubby is home safe and sound, Anne!
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I can't even begin to imagine hearing sirens and worrying about bombings as a day to day thing. I turn on the news and see that most of us can't even relate to the ongoing violence that is present in some people's daily lives.

I'm so glad your worries are over.
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I am so glad he is home safe. Katl8e is right, this has to end.
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Thank goodness your family is safe! Heartstopping for all of us. Mine skipped a beat when I read the first post.

I don't know how, but Cindy is definitely right. This HAS to end!!!
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Jesus. That is so frightening. We're all safe(ish), UK, US, Canada, Aus . . .

We forget what it is like to live on the front line.

Thank heavens evertything turned out OK for Anne this time. We, as a global 'community' all need to think long and hard how we can avoid terror and fear and the raw panic associated with these kind of attacks.

But will fighting terror with terror EVER stop this ever escalating crescendo of carnage?

Is there one easy answer for it all?

I wish there was, but I suspect there isn't.
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Anne, I am so relieved. I had to leave just after I saw Hissy's first post, and this is the first chance I've had to log back on. Because of Gary's many years in Israel, we are very close to many there. A coffee shop he frequented has been blown up, as has a supermarket where he used to spend much time as he was friends of the family. Needless to say, he has lost close friends, both civilian and, obviously, army. It is a terrible, terrible situation, and our hearts reach out to you.

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Anne, I just read this, and I am so relived to see that your husband made it home safely!!!!!! I worry about you and your family over there, and I pray this will all come to an end soon!!!!!
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I just now saw this!
Anne, I am so glad your husband is safely at home with you and the baby.
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I just got online and when I read this, my heart skipped a beat, but continuing on, I was happy to know that everything turned out ok and that you are all safe and sound.
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Thank you everyone for your thoughts and kind words!

This has been a really bad one:

14 people dead and over 50 wounded I thought it must be bad when I kept hearing sirens going on and on - they sent in ambulances from various cities and towns around us. I didn't hear the blast itself though, I was inside with the aircoditioning and radio both turned on. Our neighbors heard it very well though - this one was pretty close - 5 minutes away from where we live.
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Oh Anne, I wish there was something that could be done to end this. I can't imagine what you go through on a day to day basis. It seems that this has been going on forever.

I remember when I was 17 (just a few years ago ) I used to babysit for a jewish family in Montreal. The mother was an airline stewardess who flew Canada/Israel often. I remember sitting up with her many nights and just crying with her because of everything going on there. Her family lives there also.She was constantly worried about everyone and at times had to rely on the news to keep her up to date with everything going on. I guess that was a turning point in my life. This was no longer just something that we watched on the news...this was reality. It's heartbreaking.

My heart goes out to you. I will keep you in my thoughts and pray that you and your family remain safe.
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We have a spare bedroom.....

You guys can come live with us in Sunny California!!!

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I know that this isn't politically correct but, at this point,I wouldn't blame the Israelis if they shot every Palestinian, on sight.
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