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For Ally McBeal lovers!!

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Okay....here's the thread, Blue....hmmmm....I thought last nights show was pretty good, not as good as some have been, but not bad.
My favorite part was poor Ling being so frustrated, and throwing herself at Fish, to escape her TRUE feelings...(slow motion boy...LOL)

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I accidently deleted my Thread. I was trying to edit it and I clicked on the delete button. My brain is fried who knows what I am doing half of the time!! LOL

Robert... is so dreamy. I love that he is on that show. I thought Fish and Cage are so funny together. That whole Barry White deal and dancing in the bathroom had me cracking up last night. And what in the world was up with Elaine getting naked on Ally's desk... who was ready for that one?
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No kidding!!!! That was just nuts!!! And I also love Robert!!! How dreamy he is...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
And Cage & Fish are hilarious together....can you beleive Fish actually heard Barry White on their walk home and started dancing to it? Too cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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yes, he certainly is dreamy !

i've been watching this show for 3? years now, and adding
him to the cast was such a gift! his character is so well
written - as all the characters on the show are; that's why
i watch it!

also, Taye Diggs who plays Jackson - also
amazing to look at

whew - so onto the story line

i want them to do more with Nelle, she seems to be on the
sidelines, there isnt much attention on her life
lately; i think she's also such an interesting character.

i am, of couse, dying to see Ling with Jackson, and i was
hoping to see John with the woman (i forget her name) from
-- where did they go again? California? there's that memory
again anyway, her, i liked her - though her
voice did get to me after awhile. or maybe not! i dont know,
i'd like to see him with someone just as sweet
& crazy as he is, but i wasnt that fond of the last woman -
what was her name?! the one with tourettes... the one who he
proposed to and who broke his heart
she was on the show long enough, think i could remember her name... !!
i didnt mind her, but, i didnt think they were right together.

Elaine is too much lately, with the sweat and everything,
i almost lose my lunch everytime they show her drenched from
head to toe! - it just creeps me out!

i'd like to see Richard with someone amazing, he seemed
quite sad last episode, perhaps they are delving into his
deeper/emotional/sensitive side ?! we'll see.

it's just such a great show! i dont like to watch too much
t.v. but i just cant miss Ally, or Survivor - now.

by the way thanks both Debby & swalker for starting threads

[Edited by blue on 04-30-2001 at 06:43 PM]
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This is my favourite show. I love the way they have those little cut scenes. And I love the way Ling growls.
And I especially loved the episodes when Cage had the frog, those were so funny.

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I too love Ally. I was so upset today when I found out Robert got fired. The poor man needs help. It is so upsetting that he can not stay off drugs. He is such a talented person and I just wish he could get the help he so desperately needs. Ally won't be the same without him. I am just wondering what they are going to do with the character.
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In case you guys have not yet hearded - Robert Downey Jr. was arrested once again yesterday for being under the influence of drug, got kicked off the show and is in rehab again. Toooooo bad he has such talent - I can't immagine having my live controlled to such degree by drugs. I hope he keeps fighting and beats this evil.
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I kept hearing a little about Robert but I didn't know he was kicked off of Ally. I bet they were all so disappointed. How sad, I really hope someday he will figure it all out. Ahhh... I love him on this show, I wonder how they will write him out this time. The ratings went through the roof when he was there and the last time he left they dropped drastically.

How whenever Ling is on the war path they play the music for the wicked witch. That's pretty funny.

Blue... I totally agree with you about Elaine. I can't stand to see her character the way it is right now!
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Downey Jr. Kicked Off 'Ally McBeal'
The Associated Press
Apr 25 2001 10:40AM

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Robert Downey Jr.'s latest brush with the law has cost him the job for which he won a Golden Globe earlier this year.
The actor, who made a much-heralded comeback as Calista Flockhart's love interest on TV's ``Ally McBeal,'' was fired from the show Tuesday, hours after his arrest for investigation of being under the influence of drugs.

The arrest was the latest in a string of substance-abuse troubles for the actor, whose career has been derailed several times by rehabilitation and prison time.

Downey was on foot in Culver City, near southwest Los Angeles, when he was taken into custody by officers who said he displayed symptoms of being on drugs, according to police Lt. Dave Tankenson.

Police said they believed the drug was a stimulant, but did not elaborate.

Albert Alexio, 45, of Los Angeles, was arrested with Downey for investigation of being on drugs, Tankenson said. Alexio was arrested at the nearby Baldwin Motel, which Tankenson described as ``kind of a low-rent hotel'' where past drug arrests had been made.

Downey, 36, of Malibu, was detained a few hours, issued a misdemeanor citation and released to his parole agent. He was ordered to appear in court May 4.

Hours after his release, ``Ally McBeal'' producer David E. Kelley issued a brief statement saying Downey had been fired.

``We are wrapping up the stories on the final few episodes of 'Ally McBeal' for the season without him,'' the Emmy-winning producer said, adding that the show wished Downey the best and hoped for a full recovery.

A few scenes featuring Downey have already been shot for future episodes. Kelley publicist Bonnie Winings said it is not clear whether that footage will be used now. However, 20th Century Fox spokesman Chris Alexander said there was a good chance it would be.

Kelley had publicly supported Downey until Tuesday, even signing him to more episodes following his arrest last November.

Weeks after that arrest, Downey won a Golden Globe for best supporting TV actor for ``Ally McBeal,'' joking afterward that he wanted to ``share this with my fellow parolees, er nominees.''

Tuesday's arrest could have returned him to jail immediately, but his parole agent decided instead to send him to a detoxification center for at least 72 hours, said Terry Thornton, spokeswoman for the California Department of Corrections.

After that, Downey will stay in a live-in drug treatment center for at least six months, with increased drug testing, she said.

Downey spokesman Alan Nierob said the actor is ``working hard at his sobriety and his rehabilitation.''
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How sad

I don't understand why they would pick him up if he just appeared to be on drugs
I hope the best for him and his future.

I wonder what will happened to this show. His character really livens everybody else up. I am very dissappointed by these turn of events.
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yes, the story of how he came to be found & arrested seems odd.

i think Robert Downey Jr. is a genius in so many ways.
it's truly tragic, in my opinion, what he's gone through,
and is putting himself through. i hope the time he spends in
rehabiltation (6 months?) will do only good things for his
mind, and spirit, and that he comes out of there with
different perspectives on the issues that are keeping him
in this vicious cycle.

though i will miss him on Ally, the show was amazing before
him, and i will still watch it, now, after him, and just hope
one day he "returns" - one day when he is stronger, and
doing well.

it must be so strange & difficult to have everything you do
and go through in life out there for public speculations &
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You are so right. I could not have said any of that better myself.
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OK, I see all you ladies Oooohing and aaawwwing over the guys, but I think that Colista is a little hotty. I also like "Nell" (can't recall her real name).

It is a funny show.
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Ally McBeal - Calista Flockhart

Ling Woo - Lucy Lui

Renee Radick - Lisa Nicole Carson

Nelle Porter - Portia De Rossi

i'm with MeowMan, i think all the chicks on the show are
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I too would have to agree. They really do have a bunch of hotties on the show!

Thanks for all of the pics Blue.. these are great!
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no problem, swalker!
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I am SO upset to hear about Robert!!!!!!! This was the first I had heard of it!! How disappointing!!!!!!

Blue....Thanks for the pictures!!!!!!! I also think all the women on that show are beautiful!!!
I don't care much for Elaine, she is just too devious!! (and slutty)

And whoever it was (cant remember, sorry) that mentioned when John had the frog, I agree!! That was hilarious!!!
Especially when they accidentally flushed it down the toilet!!!!

I just love it when Ling wants Fish to do her leg...(underneath the knee) LOL....I have often wondered if that actually does feel good, but would never have the nerve to ask to try it!!!!!

John is a funny little man...LOL, but kinda cute in his own way!!!!!!

One of my favorite episodes was when he thought Nelle wanted to be spanked, and brought out the hairbrush!!!!!!!

I love that show!!!!!
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the Cage & Fish of Ally McBeal

i adore both characters, i think they are written so well.
the whole show is so unique & witty; it really pulls me in.
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though every time i see John - Peter McNichol, i still think of
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That is hilarious. I didn't even realize it was him until a year or so ago and Ghostbusters came on T.V. It took me a second to place him. But I was cracking up!
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I saw him in another old movie awhile back...and I can't think what it was....but I was like...."Oh my gosh! That's Cage!!!!" LOL
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wooooooohooooooooooooo!! the previews for tonight look good.
Sting will be performing at her big birthday bash thingy!!
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It does look really good!! I am really looking forward to this episode.

I wonder how they are going to say good bye to Larry (Robert) this time
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I m really looking forward to tonights episode too, and it will be even better knowing all of you are watching it right along with me.
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Robert Downey was awesome last night. What a voice. I would get the sound track but I can not stand Vonda Shepard. Every song she sings sounds the same just different words. Don't get me wrong she has a great voice she just always sounds the same. She needs to get a little life into the songs. Sting was great too! How are they going to write Larry off. If probably will have to be off screen because he is not filming anymore. Has anyone heard any rumors about it?
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mmmm I think you guys are a few episodes ahead of the UK. So lucky.
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I thought that episode was really good. I can completely identify with Ally. When she was talking to Richard, and said how she could deal with feeling alone, but when she is happy in a relationship and still feels alone... wow... I totally understand how that is. Then the end after Larry and Ally made love and she was lying there staring at the ceiling and Larry was sleeping on the other side of the bed. Ouch... I have a feeling Ally might break it off with him, and that is how they get rid of his character.

I cannot stand Elaines character lately, all the sweat pretty gross!

Scenes from next week look pretty good!
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Hey guys...I heard on the radio today that Robert and his lawyer are claiming that someone planted the drugs in his room this time, and he is claiming he is being framed!!!

So maybe he will prove himself innocent this time...and they will hire him back on the show!!! *fingers crossed*
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what an amazing episode last week!

i know, where have i been, eh? that was almost a week ago now!

when the lights went out, and he was there in the dark,
singing ... what a moment.

the last scene was very saddening, to see them lying
there seperated by visible aloneness.

i guess we'll see what they are planning to do soon.
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woooohooooo! tonight's the night

i saw a preview last night, it looks mighty interesting,
that's for sure!
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