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So far, so good. Just turned up the heat in the house so they could be warmer...

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Congratulations, they look lovely
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aww bless her......and no wonder you cant tell what you've got there, its just a cute pile of furries mom looks like she needs a good rest......
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Way to go Duchess!

Mom and babies look great.. she just needs to clean herself up a bit. I've never seen a cat get that messy before..

Good luck with the babies.
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Originally Posted by Leto86 View Post
Way to go Duchess!

Mom and babies look great.. she just needs to clean herself up a bit. I've never seen a cat get that messy before..

Good luck with the babies.
She did get quite messy...even the fur on the top of her head is stiff....poor thing......will update pics in a few days! At last, some sort of conclusion to this nonsense! lol!

I gotta tell ya too.....I got thoroughly yelled at by my brother this morning. Said he will even pay for the spay etc etc etc. Weird coming from him. I didn't really realize how deep his love of cats is. He told me to call him the day she is weaning them and he will even make the appt!
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That is a very nice brother!
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I'd love to take that BROWN tabby - he's (?) pretty!
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I raised a big litter to so trust me get prepared they get mischeives FAST!!!
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Congrats! They're so cute! I'm happy for ya! That is a big litter! She looks exhausted! I'm glad everythings gong well.
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Any news on how everyone is doing or should I be quiet. Dont wake them up.
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Congrats Duchess and your babies they are soooooooooooo cute
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Congrats to you and to Dutchess, and give your Brother a great big hug for offering to have her spayed!
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Congrats on the kittens, u guys had such a big litter look at all those cuties tho I am glad that everything went smoothly to during the birth and I bet dutchess is exhauted she looked it, and she looks like she is being such a good mama too be sure to keep us updated and everything
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From what I could tell, they look like beautiful little kitties.
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Woohoo! Congrats on the kittens! They are so cute! Good luck with them and hope all goes well!
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Okay, getting a bit camera crazy here! Here are a few pics of them all lined up...can't see the mostly black one though, she/he blends in. Luckily it is my husbands turn to name these critters or they would be Sleepy, Sneezy, Bashful, Happy, Doc, Grumpy and Dopey! lol!

I know what to look for regarding the sexual organs, but I am never able to guess for a few weeks...

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Oh poor momma, she is going to be worn out! She looks better today. I love the fat grey tabby on top of the pile They are all beautiful!! I want a spotted one, they look like little cows
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they are sooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet i want the third from the right that is one gorgous kitten i love it markings
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Beautiful babies, I'm glad your brother has offered to get her spayed
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Just read both your new threads and I'm sending high hopes that all those precious little ones will thrive. It was a long wait, but Dutchess sure came through!

And I have to say... Dutchess looks so much like my Clyde! Gotta love those Holstein kitties!
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no such thing as camera crazy here SEND MORE LOL.....

Mommy looks like little by little she is cleaning herself up
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Those furbabies are just too adorable for words! I can't wait to see individual photos of each one.
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all 7 of them madeit past the first 24 hours! YEAH! Ooohh scary! I am trying to imagine 7 babies attacking very sensitive feet! (I will have to tell you all about my youngest child and my husband some time, kind of rare) This sounds scary! 7...7...I just keep thinking there are SEVEN of them! lol! I will get some separate pics of them soon...Hubby is supposed to name them, but I have started calling one of them Bullseye...due to the marking on what I believe is HIS back. He told my daughters he would name them 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 12. Don't ask...he's strange! lol! Have a good day with healthy kitties all!
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How cute! I want one! LOL
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I just logged in and saw this! They are SOOOO cute! congratz, and i can't wait to see more pictures.
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Originally Posted by DutchessMom View Post
Sorry, but that is all I know at the moment! It is 5 am here and it all started about an hour ago...she is in her box with her back to me, so while I hear kitten voices I can't tell you how many I hear! Will post an update in a bit!

I will definitely be taking a nap today...lol!

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OOh they are beautiful !!! I love the diluted calico and the browntabby bi-colored ones!

NOooo you can't send them to me. My kids would love me though.
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Big time cuteness alert!!! That dilute calico is MINE!!!
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Where are some more pics.
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This is for sure a threat with a cutness alert LOL. 7 attacking feet isnt bad it is very cute and it tickles remeber I had 8
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