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How many sleep weird because of the cats? - Page 2

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I've had to go to the chiropracto because the cats slept in wierd places which made me sleep wierd and thew my back out of alignment. Oh well... the little kitty contortionists win
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Harvey sleeps by DH's feet. Tailer stretches out between the two of us...back paws touching DH and front paws touching me. Forest (who always prefers to be lying against something so he feels more stable) sleeps between my legs and uses my fanny as a pillow. None of this is a problem, unless you actually want to move in your sleep. Then you're either pinned down or meowed at.
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Originally Posted by wookie130 View Post
My cats definitely own the bed.

If you were an outsider, looking at my sleeping arrangement at night, and how I bend and contort myself to accommodate the cats' comfort level, you'd think I was auditioning for Cirque de Soleil.
Now that's a funny mental picture!
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I not only have 4 cats in bed with me, but also 4 dogs...one of which is a very large golden...I even have a king size bed for just me, and I still have no room left with all of them..but I wouldn't have it any other way..
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well I cleaned off my bed today i had clothes on it and well I cleaned it off for the most part now only my school stuffs on it but now I have much more space, and bella is laying on my pillows go figure and blue likes her little square tunnel thingy tonite for some reason a nd well stormie of course is under the bed, but who knows who will join me in my sleep I went to bed last night with Bella under my chin in my arms again and let me tell u I was so uncomfy and well blue was on my feet, and I woke up with just Stormie all sprawled out (everyone else was bird watching ) I loved going to my brothers tho for a night, I was so iffy on it and being away from the kitties, next thing I know his kitten Piper is cuddeling with me so luckily i was able to sleep and piper is such a little cutie so I always have to have a cuddle buddie or I cant sleep the things u get used to
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