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Thoughts and Prayers needed....

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I was at the rescue centre when this happened, so I don't really know what's going on.

My sister called me 15 minutes ago and told me to beat it home ASAP. I heard sirens as I was hightailing it home, almost got hit by 2 cars.

My mum was taken to the hospital by ambulance. I'm not sure what for this time. I know yesterday she was having some difficulties with her chest. She has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
I didn't make it home in time to see her before she went, and with no car I have no way to get to the hospital.

So any thoughts and prayers to help her will be very appreciated.
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Oh no! I hope your mums ok, but be careful because you don't want to be in there with her either

Let us know how she is.
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Oh certainly. {{be okay Mom}} vibes and prayers for you.
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OMG, I hope she's ok!
to you. Is there no one who can take you to the hospital?
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My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Your mom is in my prayers sweetie!!! (((VIBES)))
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My aunt and Uncle both have cars, but they are both at work.. so I won't be able to get a ride until 7pm or so.

I can't drive alone yet anyway, so no worries there. Only have a beginners license so far.

I'd walk if it weren't so cold.. it's take me about 2 hours or so.
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I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that your mom is okay, at least we can hope she is in the hospital which should be the best place for her at the current time
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I'm thinking about your mom and hope it is nothing serious.
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Thanks everyone.
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I hope your Mom is OK - I know it must be tough to be at home worrying about her. My thoughts and prayers are with you - vibes that she is OK }}}}}}}}}}}}}}
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Awwww, sending many prayers for your mom..
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Sending many, many prayers to you and your mom
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Hope your Mum is going to be OK lots of positve ]]]vibes [[[ for all of you
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No one at the center can drive you? Or could you at least possibly get some information from your sister or the hospital? I hope everything turns out okay, I know its nerve-wracking to know something might be wrong! I'm praying for you and your mom.
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{{{vibes}}} that your mom is OK!
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Sending lots of good thoughts and prayers up your way. Sure hope your mom is alright...let us know whenever you can sweets.

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Many prayers for your mom and you
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I sure hope that your Mom is okay. Thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.
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I am so sorry. Your mom will be in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there!
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Yes, you take care of YOU. Sending lots of vibes for you, and your mother.
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I send my prayers to you and your family
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My sister was sleeping when my grandma called 911.. she doens't know anything other than she saw mum on an oxygen mask.

The hospital called while I was getting my grandpas prescirption.. she's doing good, and they are understaffed.. they might be sending her home tonight.
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for more good news for you.
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I'm glad things are looking better. I'm still praying for your mom, and for your peace of mind!
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Sending tons of vibes for your Mom, and calming vibes for you!
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Sending thoughts and prayers your way. If the hospital might send her home tonight, that is a good sign! Keep us posted!
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My uncle left work early, went and picked her up and dropped her off.

She's okay... short of breath still though. I'd rather they have kept her until she was a bit better.. but as long as she's okay I'm happy.
Awaiting the drug store to drop off a crapload of meds for her, again. (prednisone, and the thingies that go into the ventilator thing machine. )

I am in the process of vacuuming everything on the main floor. Cat hair may be an issue. I vacuumed literally everything... down to the couch cushions. I think it alsomay be because we've been leaving the windows open, and anything that comes inside may be bothering her chest as well.

I'll be sleeping on the couch down here tonight, just incase she needs me for anything.

Thanks guys for everything.
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oh heck just coming to this ..........glad your mom is home now, hopefully she will have a good rest being back in her own place

I know its not the same but my DH has asthma problems, so I'm constantly hoovering, but I also damp dust things too - that stops alot of the hair etc flying about - its harder work but it sure helps his chest - just a thought

Take care all
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I am so mad.

The hospital lied, they did not send her home because they were understaffed. They sent her home because of the cats.

The paramedics saw the cats and were sure they were the only problem. My mum told them that they were not a problem, as she went 6 years without any animals and still was in the hospital regularily. The paramedic then asked her if she had an allergy test done before..and she told him yes. he asked what she was allergic to, and she told him to look outside.
We back off onto a ravine, lots of weeds and the like out there.
He then proceeded to tell her that it wasn't spring yet that the weeds weren't an issue, that it was for sure the cats.

So anyway, at the hospital, the paramedics then told the DR that it was the cats... no doubt about it. THE DR then told her that the cats were going to have to go.
She told them that the cats were not an issue, and said again that she ahs gone long periods of time with no animals, that it was the same.

So they wrote her a few scripts and sent her home.

She told the DR and Paramedic that they were lucky that I wasn't there and didn't get there before they left. She said I would have hurt someone. I wouldn't have physically hurt anybody.. but I can be pretty verbal when I'm mad.

But I am extremely mad over this. The cats may be a small problem.. but they are defiantly not the main cause of this.
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