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Come on babies!

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Sorry, no babies again! You do realize that she is KILLING me with anticipation right?! Anyway, here are this mornings pics...I especially love the bunny pose! lol! Doesn't she look FIERCELY uncomfortable?

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she looks big , bless her , i know what you mean about waiting, god how much longer can these 2 both last ?
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they are waiting for world peace or the second coming! Good grief! I don't know about you, but I can't be positive about her mating date...but discharge...well, you know the deal....
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I just downloaded smileycentral, but when I went to past a code in here it showed up as code....
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yea same here , anne came to me when she was about 6 weeks gone , so im only going by what her last owner told me. and the vets say it could be a few days either way. just wish i knew for sure. even though that sometimes dont help!! and yes the discharge , hers has stoped now.
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the smiley thing does the same to me aswell
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NO BABIES ok girl she needs a good talking to LOL. I think she will when ready. How is her discharge this morning. I say tonight or latest tomorrow night. If Sunday is here no babies I would ask the vet because that is over a week of nasty discharge.
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that you all could really see...she is twitching all weird...her ears, her back, near her hind legs...give me a minute and I will try to get one that really shows what is going on...also gotta figure out how to get the best quality vid when taking it on a Berber rug background...ugh!
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try to get the pic bigger sounds like she might be haivng a contraction if she is twitching.
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Since I pointed a camera at her the freaking twitching stopped....but here is a short vid anyway! lol! I can't even tell who is stalking who now...if I leave a room she follows, if she leaves a room I follow....my kids think I love her more than them! lol!

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SHe is so pretty.

Ok if she follows you that is great but if she leaves let her be she might need privacy...
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Any news yet today?

It was 3 months ago today that I lost my Alley and it would be wonderful if your kittens would be born today. Then at least there would be one thing for me to smile about.

Keeping my fingers crossed.
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Skittles is a saint pattys baby LoL My mom told me when I was getting the litter fixed I had to have her b-day she said March 17th cause when we found them on March 19th the vet said they where 2 days old. I was shocked she did not tell me that before but I did not ask LOL. So Skittles has a b-day popping up they can wait another oooooooooooooooo 12 days right LOL. J/k
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Okay, this stinks. I think she lost the rest of her plug, but now I can't find my camera to show you all so the experts can confirm! Man! But there is so much brown goop back there (yes, I am looking at the right spot! lol!)that I am pretty sure she lost the rest of it! What's next?
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watch her but dont follow unless she gives u the Q ok
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Well, this is as clear as I could get...understandably she doesn't like having those pics taken much! neither would I! lol! She is sitting on my lap rubbing her head on my face right now...but I gotta go upstairs...she will probably follow...blah blah...sorry!

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let her follow then. She looks cleaner then before. Will she lay with you anywhere and see where that goes.
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:waits impatiently: :does the good karma dance:
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I just read ALL 7 pages and still no babies??? WAAAAHHHH I sure hope she's okay now and maybe had them.
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I'm about to have a nervous breakdown waiting for these babies!!!
I can't imagine how you and Mommy are feeling.
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I think she might be in the very early stages looking at the pics she seems a little dialated but the pics are small.
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woohoo , maybe tonight?
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ok you posted 2 hours ago , UPDATE lol
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She has stopped following me around...she has alm ost stopped moving entirely! Poor thing is so pooped or conserving energy for later. She is still "twitching" but that is all I have to report. I have been upstairs getting toys/books and clothes ready to donate to help clean up around here, but she has mostly stayed downstairs.
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awww poor baby , thanx for the update.
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Here we are...
She is nesting
She is where we had planned for her
She is contracting
She is nervous
I believe she lost the rest of her plug this a.m.
She is pigging out, just ate almost a whole bowl of kitten chow...

OOOooooo I am getting nervous!!
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go mamma anne is asleep and purring away to herself in her nest at the moment , iv seen some twitching but nothing to say there actual cocntractions. oo this is exciting.
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Come on babies!!!

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I cant sleep unless I know LOL wow I am excited.
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