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Congratulations - you look wonderful and your weight loss is an achievement to be proud of!

I'm still losing at my turtle rate, now at 60 lbs. off and loving my way of eating as I can do the holidays with no trauma <G>.
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AWWWW! Thanks you guys! You all are so so sweet! Even though I don't post much on here about my weight lately, you all are great motivation for me. I think about this thread & how you all are doing with this battle quick often.

It may sound odd, but one great motivator for me is taking pictures of my progress. It sounds cheesey, but I tend to forget how I looked then & how I'm looking now. Plus, I see my body every single day & it's hard not to be too hard on yourself after awhile. So by seeing the progress on film, it really helps.

Keep up the great work everyone! You too Heidi..chin up Girl! You'll get there!

Thanks again for the sweet words of encouragement!
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Wow Shell!!! You look fantastic!!! I haven't seen you in a while so I'm noticing a HUGE change! Way to go!!!

Congrats to all!

*I've been bad so I'll post once I kick myself in the butt and get back on track*

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Hey, thought I would bring this up again.

Since I started going to the gym, and controlled my meal portions, I have lost 10 pounds, and last night someone came up to me and said "Have you lost weight?" I was happy that she noticed. It makes it all worthwhile when someone says something, you know?

And my jeans are fitting better and better. I am so happy!
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Isn't it the greatest feeling? I don't know if I posted that I made Lifetime with Weight Watchers the week of Thanksgiving. Now I am free for life. I only have to weigh in monthly and stay within 2 pounds of my goal weight. I managed to maintain that through Thanksgiving and my December weigh in. I think the working out really helps.
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That is awesome Deb!!!!! Congratulations!

Yeah, it is the most satisfying feeling, that you feel as if you are really doing something right.
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Great Job Kellye & Deb! You guys deserve a huge pat on the back!

I know what you mean about the feeling when someone notices that you've lost weight. For me, no one notices it because no one knows me in Lincoln or have any idea how heavy I was before. But when I was traveling to store closer to home, I ran into people I knew & they all noticed right away. Then I came home yesterday & visited all my co workers. They all had to do a double take! It was an AWESOME feeling!!!! It was definitely a great motivator to keep it up!

Congrats Ladies!
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Last winter I joined Weight Watchers and lost nearly 20lbs before falling off the wagon into a bucket of chocolate pudding!

But since my best friend announced her wedding will be at the end of August and I'm to be the maid of honor I have to look good!

I would like to lose 50lbs (maybe too thin) but I'll be super happy with 30lbs.

I'm starting on the first. Gonna read over my books and everything again and sign up on the 5th.

Wish me luck!!!!
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WW is running a special promotion, due to come out in Jan. called Fast Track. It is designed to give you a 'jump start' on your weight loss by giving you this folder that gives you choices of what to eat at each meal for 20 points a day. We got the folder a couple of days before Christmas.

Good luck. I swear by WW.
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So, I am thinking of joining weight watchers. Actually, I have already decided to do it. I am going to go tomorrow morning to my first meeting.

I am a little nervous because I am not really a social type. I am also young, 23, so I think that many of the people will be a lot more mature than me. Another reason I am nervous is the fact that I am 145 lbs. and I wear a size 6. I am by no means obese...but I am overweight for my height and I don't feel good about myself.

I like structure, and I know a lot about health and fitness. I basically just really want something that will keep me motivated and help me create a menu for myself.

I would like to lose 15-20 lbs. I know that isn't a lot, but those last few lbs are always difficult to lose.

Wish me luck and I will tell you all how it goes!
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Originally posted by NewtoCats

Wish me luck and I will tell you all how it goes!
We all wish you luck, and unless things have changed a lot since I used to do WW in my 20's, there used to be all ranges, including teen-agers, so I don't think you'll only see 40's somethings

As for me, I follow CALP (carbdaddicts lifespan program), which I'm mentioning in case any new members are also, or would like support with this kind of eating plan,

best wishes to all beginning 2004 in a healthier way
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A lot of people at the meetings are younger. I found the age range varied.

Good luck. It is a good program. A friend of mine lost 60lbs and kept it off. She looks great!
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Well it has been a while since I checked in and I am still following my plan and losing weight. I am now down by 23 pounds! It is slow, but I think my medical problem that contributes to the difficulty in losing weight is finally beginning to get under control. I still want to lose 40 to 60 more pounds!
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Shell - just saw the pics! You look Fab! You could be a model!
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Aww! Thanks Ady, but there's no modeling in my future!

I'm a little disappointed today...I weighed in at 170. So, I must have ate a little too much during the Holidays. But...I'm ok with it. I'll just work that much harder to take those pounds off & keep them off.

Congrats everyone for doing such a great job or for the newbies...it's great that you're taking the first step. It's one of the hardest steps to take! Good luck & keep up the great work!
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That is fantastic news! Keep it up!
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It is going to be difficult during my vacation, but at least the resort has a workout room and water activities!
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Oh my my! I am going to pay for all that food I ate last night! There was so much finger food, I just could not stop!

Ady, a 23lb weight loss is amazing! I hope I can lose that much this year as well!!!!!!

As there is a new year, it means a new resolve to lose weight!
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Well, I put back on 5 pounds in the last month, but I pretty much knew I was going to. I decided to completely go off of Atkins between Thanksgiving and New Year's, and I went on a complete sugar binge over Christmas. However, I am not nearly as concerned as I once would have been, because I finally know a way to eat that will help me to lose those 5 pounds, and the 10 I had left to go.

I found out some good news a week or so ago - my employer is putting in a fitness center for employees. So I will have a convenient fitness center to use free of charge in two weeks! How great is that!?!
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I gained back about 4 lbs. Back to weight watchers next week.
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Wow - I haven't checked in here in a long time. Everyone sounds like they are doing great. I am inspired by all of you who are "working out" or plan to. My doctor cleared me to start exercising at the end of January... Maybe I'll start walking while I wait.

Hey Shell - Regarding people noticing your weight loss. So far I have lost 69 pounds (started at 240 and I am down to 171 - from a size 24 to a 13/14) and not ONE (really) of my neighborhood friends or "school mom" friends have said a single word to me about my weight loss. It started to hurt my feelings because these are people I have dieted with for years... Anyway, when I see them, they just treat me like it's just another day...Kim looks the same

Has anyone ever had something like this happen? If it wasn't for the support of my family and being able to post in here with you guys, I would be feeling pretty darn lonely. My weight loss journey has been quite the head trip, LOL!!

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Kim- what a fab job on the weight loss. I guess the surgery worked. I haven't really lost enough weight for people to notice yet but I know people who have and most people don't comment on the loss for some reason. It is a great motivator and I always try to mention it when I see it.
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Originally posted by adymarie
Kim- what a fab job on the weight loss. I guess the surgery worked. I haven't really lost enough weight for people to notice yet but I know people who have and most people don't comment on the loss for some reason. It is a great motivator and I always try to mention it when I see it.
Thanks Ady! I agree with you that it is a great motivator to have people "notice" and even though this is happening to me, I continue to complement others when I see them making progress. Maybe they are ignoring my progress because of the surgery... who knows...

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I find that the people least likely to make any comments are the ones who have not experienced a success of their own. This topic comes up quite a bit at WW. People almost feel sabotaged by their buddies who they used to overindulge with.

I almost dread getting back on a scale. I haven't been to Curves too consistently over the holiday break. When I did go earlier this week, this darn cold I have made me feel crappier when I worked out. Plus the fact that for Christmas, I received no less than about $40 in Starbucks gift cards. I had never set one toe in the place, but now I have been. Then I looked up the point value for some of their drinks. I almost fainted!
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Originally posted by Deb25

I find that the people least likely to make any comments are the ones who have not experienced a success of their own. This topic comes up quite a bit at WW. People almost feel sabotaged by their buddies who they used to overindulge with.
That is a good point, Deb. My routine has changed a lot since my surgery . One thing that we did OFTEN was "eat out " and I haven't been going out with my friends as much as I used to.

The few times that I did go out to eat with my freinds, I was a little embarrassed because they were constantly watching me eat and asking questions like, "Can you eat that?" "Are you allowed to have that much?" "Won't that make you sick?" -- I felt like an alien.

Gosh, maybe I have isolated myself somehow because of all of the changes I have gone through. Sounds like I need to get back to my support group meetings, huh? LOL!

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Originally posted by kimward34
Sounds like I need to get back to my support group meetings, huh? LOL!
Not a bad idea, Kim. The things your eating-out buddies say to you are exactly what people at WW report. My best friend spent a lot of time saying, "Do you have enough points for that?"
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Originally posted by Deb25
"Do you have enough points for that?"
Isn't that annoying?
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I can understand how you feel Kim - hubby loves junk food and its hard to resist.

I did come across an article:

Beware! The No. 1 Diet Saboteur

If you're trying to lose weight, the one thing that is most likely to derail your best diet plan is...your family and close friends. Don't believe it? Test it. Go on a diet. Lose a few pounds. Brag a little. And then see what happens. Chances are, you'll find you're the recipient of fattening food gifts. Your spouse may buy you a candy bar at the movies or your co-worker will offer you cookies when the afternoon munchies hit. They aren't doing this to be mean or vindictive. They probably aren't even conscious of it. But what they are doing is sabotaging your weight loss success.

"I've seen it happen so many times to my weight loss patients that when they come in and confess they fell off the wagon, I'm ready with my ritual response: 'Who did this to you?'" Colleen Pierre, a registered dietician and an associate professor of aging, nutrition, and fitness at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md., wrote in an article published by Rodale Press. "They're always shocked to think that someone else may have had a hand in their weight loss failure. Diet saboteurs. They're everywhere." Pierre says that the problem can be defined in one word: Change. A diet creates big changes in anyone's life. These are changes welcomed by the dieter. But friends and family aren't in the same mode of change. Be aware that diet sabotage is not done purposefully and maliciously. It's unconscious.

You can fight the sabotage by understanding why it happens. Pierre offers these reasons:
--They feel guilty.
--They don't understand.
--They miss the old you.
What you need to do is get them on your side. Numerous studies have proven that when your social network of family and friends supports your diet, it has a positive influence on the results. New York City nutritionist Shira Isenberg, R.D. told syndicated health columnist Charles Stuart Platkin that family and friends bring "an increase in self-confidence by validating the individual's choice to lose weight, a reduction in overall stress, and increased attention to achieving the overall goal." And they do it without offering you a cookie.
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((((((((((Kellye)))))))) What a great article. Thank you for posting it.
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That is a really interesting article. Thanks for posting it.

Monday I'm going to WW to sign up. I can't wait to get back on track! Trying to get rid of all my junk food so I'm not tempted. At least I bought Diet Coke (0 points) so I won't go thirsty and water gets boring so quickly!
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