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Hey Lizza, have you been spying in my bathroom??
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You must have the same problem as I do!!!

(I keep telling Nick the scale is broken, it always reads 10lbs higher!)
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*whispering* OK there's a little dial on the bottom. If you twiddle it a bit, you can be 5 pounds lighter! Instantly!
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Kumbulu ------------->>> go to bed, it's - 02:26 AM
Friday, December 13, 2002

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I can take a hint...see ya!
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I love that cartoon. My scale does not have one of those convenient knobs. It has batteries. So I console myself with the knowledge that it itsn't accurate--in my favor of course.

Hey, I'll take what I can get.

I am considering doing the eDiet thing after the holidays. Has anyone else tried it? I know Weight Watchers works, but it gets expensive.
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How much is ediets?

Just wondering, if it is cheap, then maybe I will join.
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Kiwi, You can sign up for free emails from eDiets. It costs $35 for the first 9 weeks, and then $10 per week. They are running a special until Christmas, $25 for the first 9 weeks.
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Just wanted to share some good stuff with everyone. Some of you may have seen the pic of my for my company's Christmas Party. The great thing about that is that the dress I was wearing is a size 16. At my worst I was pushing a size 22, so I've lost 2-4 dress sizes (depending on the dress). I also thought I would be brave and *attempt* my size 16 jeans on. Well, they don't fit yet but I'm getting close! I know I tried those on at one other point and couldn't even get them over my hips, so being able to get them all the way up was a good thing!

It's been a while since we checked in here...how is everyone doing? Are the holidays destroying your good intentions or do you have phenominal will power?

I'll be honest, I haven't been doing so good, but I haven't given up. I'm still better than I was before, so if nothing else I plan on rededicating myself to improving myself with the new year.
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Heidi! That is fantastic! Good work - I seem to be stuck at the 14 pound loss mark - maybe after the holidays!
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Heidi, That is so awesome! I thought you looked thinner in that picture than in another one you posted. Keep going.

I have decided to try to hold steady until after the holidays, there are too many temptations and my will power is non-existant. I just a couple of Joyce Vedral's books out of the library. One is on nutrition, and the other is a workout book. I've used her books before, I thought by reading them, I'd get motivated again.
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Hello, its been a while since anyone posted this. I know the holiday season is the worst for trying to lose weight, which is why I thought I would start yesterday.
I went out for a brisk walk, and I sure sweated it off. Just before Christmas, I went shopping and bought myself one of those swiss balls as recommended by a lot of fitness experts. Has anyone every tried that Montel Willam's Body Change book? I bought it for myself and it seems so simple that I am going to try it - he has three stages - beginner, intermediate and advanced programmes which makes it easier to stick to it and the beginner has 9 weight exercises. It is quite good because you do not need a machine, just some dumbbells and a swiss ball (approx $20 at Kmart) and you are ready to go. As well as doing light weight training, I plan to walk every day (lets hope I can try for 2 times a day!).I have typed myself a plan of excerise so I can try and stick with it!
I feel so depressed with myself and how I look now, and I want to go back to the body I had before I was pregnant!

I also wrote out a shopping list that has mostly healthy food, so I can watch what I eat!

I hope this thread will continue and I hope others will stay inspired!
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I'm glad you dug this up again Kellye. I'm rededicating myself with the start of the new year. I didn't do very good over the holidays, but still a lot better than in the past.

How did everyone else do? Any new recruits or rededicated ones (like me) for the New Year's Resolution?
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I'm kind of a new recruit! I'm aiming for a "toner & fitter" Kassandra!

Here's a book that was given to me as a Christmas gift. I heard good reviews of it and I thought I would share! I'm starting the exercises in the book tonight and I'll let you guys know how it goes.

The title of the book is THE CORE PROGRAM by Peggy W. Brill. It's a fitness program designed specifically for the woman's body. I'll post a quote from the inside cover:

Few women realize that most popular fitness regimens are designed for men. Yet women have their own unique fitness needs - and using a program developed with men's bodies in mind is not only ineffective, but can actually result in injury.


Based on her understanding of movement dynamics and body structure, these exercises focus on developing and balancing the muscels in the anatomical center of the body - the core - which includes the back, hip and abdominal muscles.

Peggy's remarkable head - to - toe workout targets the "hot spot" areas - neck, back, pelvis, hips, knees - that cause problems for even the healthiest women. With inspirational case histories, detailed photographs illustrating each exercise and self tests for rating balance, flexibility and strength, The Core Program is an owner's manual for the naturally strong, healthy body every woman should have.

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I just had a look at the amazon.com reviews of that book (before I buy a book, I usually check out the reader's reviews there) and it has had nothing but rave reviews. So I am VERY interested. I will look to see if it is available in my local bookstore, if not, I will have to order it.

Thanks for the tip!
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I think I'll go over there myself to take a peek at the reviews! I just know a couple of my friends really liked it.

Like I mentioned before, I'll post how I'm doing with the program.

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Wow this is a great thread! I really want to lose weight and have been wanting to take kick boxing at the college. I am 5'10" and weigh 260 lbs. So I would love to join you gals. I nthink I read we need to drink one gallon of water per day. Wow that is alot, but I know if you add lemon slices to the water it gives it a little taste and helps you lose weight to boot.
Good vibes to you all today.
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Kassandra~That book looks awesome! Thanks for sharing it with us. I am also looking to become toner and fitter, since I don't need to loose any weight. Everyone gave that book a rave review, so I just had to order myself a copy, and I did! Is anyone else going to buy a copy? I got mine new off of Amazon.com for only $13!
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I went to the bookstore, and it wasnt in stock so the man in the store ordered it for me and it will be ready in about a week. I cant wait!
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I got one of Joyce Vedral's books out of the library. I've used her workouts before. She has created several workouts for women, and a couple for men, too. They use light weights, and are challenging but not impossible. The one I am using right now is called Definition. I hope it works.
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HI ladies!

I'm new. I just found this site this noon trying to find someone who knows what to do about a cat who's swallowed a cat-tail burr. They're common here in a desert area. Poor baby is choking.

Anyway, I noticed the comment about weight. I'm 90 pounds over, diabetic and a stroke contender - according to the doc. I've got to get out and excercise. It's not like it rains everyday here, so I've got no excuse. I suppose if we support each other, we could all do better, huh?

Just call me Lynn
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Welcome to the site Lynn! We welcome anyone into the We're All Losers club. It really is amazing what a difference having some support makes, even if it's just one thread on a cat site.
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Hey I resent the "We're All Losers" club remark.

Yesterday, I was looking for the Fighting Fitness Divas Thread. I guess I took a wrong turn somewhere.

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On www.3fatchicks.com they have a thing you can print out that you put down your weight daily to keep track of how you are doing.

I have been walking every day since the 1st and already lost 1 pound. Slow. but sure. I had an orange for a morning snack so that was good, as I normally eat something junky. I plan to have a subway sub for lunch, and they are supposed to be low fat and the 6 inch ones always fill me right up!

Hope everyone has a good day!
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It has been waaaaaay to long for me. Time to get back at it.

As of tomorrow, I am going back to my weekly routines and hoping for the best.

Yoga tuesdays and thursdays and every second wednesday on my lunch. And, I am meeting with a trainer at the gym every thursday at 7:00am (Yikes!). I will also be walking whenever I can find the time.

I have signed up with Weight Watchers online but for some reason, I am not using the site to it's full capacity. I am promising myself that I will check in with them more often.

I need this. I need to feel good about myself again and right now, I don't.

So, I am hoping I have more January starters with me. Hopefully, for those that have been slacking off, this can be the fresh start.

I am also back to square one food wise. So, tomorrow.....it's water day for me!

I am going to take a look at the bookstore in town, you guys have given me the "reading itch".
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I took the day off today. I have read that it is okay to take one day off a week from exercise and food, it wont do any harm. I hope that it is true!
But tomorrow, its back to exercising and drinking lots of water and trying out those weights. I sure hope that book I ordered comes in soon!
Hope you ladies can stay with this weight loss plan.
Have a great day!
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Hey how do you curb those sugar cravings? Sometimes I get them so bad, especially in the evenings that I end up eating something BAD!
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I'm starting off on the right foot today! Still motivated to do this. Wooohooo!

Kellye, let me think.....what do I do to curb sugar cravings??

1) Chew sugarless gum
2) Go brush my teeth (believe me..this works!!!)
3) Make myself a cup of hot chocolate and sip on it (I rarely finish it all)
4) Pop open a can of diet coke (not everyone agrees this is good for you though)
5) I normally have a supply of mini chocolate bars and if I really feel I need to have something sweet, I have one and hide the rest.
4) I peel an apple and dip it into a fat free fruit flavored yogurt.
5) Or....I phone a friend! This works at times.

Sweet cravings are the worst....I battle with that all the time.
Can't wait to see what everyone else has to say because I sure could use some pointers also.
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I allow myself 'one' very-mini piece of chocolate (or snack) a day. That way I know I just need to make it to the end of the day to get what I want!

If you keep your portion small, you can still 'indulge', the matter is the quantity of the item you consume.

I don't think anyone should completely eliminate anything from their diet. If you have something all your life, then quit cold turkey, many people will resort back to the 'indulgence' and then feel guilty.

The point is to consume a healthy diet. Not ban you from one of your favourite foods. Remember, moderation is the key.

I use to be one of those 'have to eliminate everything bad from my diet' people. It never worked from me. Since I now allow myself one thing, I often am not even tempted by it. I usually only have to go to snack 2 times a week because I know I can have it.

Also, look at how you see food in your life. Are your cravings motivated by a stressful situation, is it a comfort zone? Once you focus in on 'why' you need that snack/chocolate etc. you can also change your mental energy to focus on something else as a reward rather than food to fit the mental situation.

Ok, I'm almost writing a novel again! I'm stopping here.

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Thanks Kassandra, I will get myself a bag of those little chocolate bars and hide them and give myself a ration of one per day!

Has anyone tried eating pita bread instead of normal bread? I have been eating whole wheat pita bread and it is handy as when you cut it in half, its already got an opening for you to put your filling in (for me, its chicken, romaine lettuce, green onion, cukes and a little bit of cheese) and the bag says no fat.

140 calories
0% fat, 0% saturated fat, 0% cholesterol, 5% sodium, 10% total carbohydrate, 12% fiber, 1g sugars, 6g proteins.

If I chew gum, I get hungry, I dont know why. But I have a bag of oranges in the fridge and I have started to snack on them.
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