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Hi Everyone! After reading all of your posts, I am feeling really motivated to lose this weight! Right now I weigh 205, but I should weigh between 160 and 170. There are days where I just don't feel like exercising or eating healthy...but I know that I will only get worse if I don't do something about it now. I plan on starting the "water thing" tomorrow. No more soda for me!!! I tried the water thing early this spring and lost 15 pounds quite easily. It was hard at first because I craved the sugar in the soda...but before I knew it, I was craving water. It seemed like I couldn't get enough of it...almost like I had cotton mouth all day and night! It was a small price to pay and I'm willing to do it again...FOR GOOD!!
I've also decided that in the evenings while I am watching my Soaps, I will be riding my stationary bike in my living room. I guess it's better than sitting my fat butt on the couch slugging down sodas and munching on junk!
Thank you everyone for the great motivation! I'll have to post a picture too. To everyone who posted a picture...You all are BEAUTIFUL women...I wish you all the very best of luck in your weight loss!
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Michelle - the more the merrier! Well, yesterday I think I surpassed the 3 litres water mark. I didn't stop drinking all day. i really need to work on the veggie thing. For the most part I dislike all veggies. I didn't like them growing up and I still don't like them. V8 juice makes me gag! I need to start having more fresh salad, even if I don't add many extra veggies to it, it should be good if I eat the dark green lettuces like romaine or spinach. i will have to work on that!
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Michelle, welcome to the "We are all Losers" (as in weight ) group! I'm glad you are joining us. Like Ady said, the more the merrier!

Ady, I so understand with the veggies. I wasn't going to say anything about my veggie thing since I figured you all would think me a freak. I like potatoes, corn, pickles and beets. That's about it. Drove my mother NUTS, and hubby too (and my best friend who was always making me try new veggies in college, much to her dismay when she saw my reaction to some ) They all say I'm way too picky for my own good. So we can work on finding good veggies together, OK? Oh, just wanted to add that I also do like raw spinach leaves for salad, but I HATE lettuce! I actually did like carrots for a while, but the last time I ate them I had a bad allergic reation to them - the throat almost closed up (scared hubby have to death). I'm so difficult.

OK, creative members! Any ideas of what Ady and I can do to add more veggies?
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Heidi - friend has allergies to the chemicals that the veggies are sprayed with. Specifically South American veggies. Maybe try some organic carrots as there will be no pesticides.

I am glad I am not the only veggie phobic out there! LOL. I like corn, potatoes, uncooked carrots, lettuce, celery and tomatoes in a sauces (like spaghetti, salsa). Onions are ok when they are fried - but them they are bad for you. Absolutely hate peas, lima beans and asparagus!
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Heidi and Adrienne,

How about steaming vegetables? Or is that a texture thing too? Also, pureeing veggies and putting them in casseroles or soups might help. And Adrienne, I seem to remember that tomato sauce is actually better than raw tomatoes, because the processing releases the healthy phytochemicals. How about using salsa in place of ketchup, say on scrambled eggs, or on baked potatoes or rice?

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I'm sure you already eat them, and I already suggested it, but how about PICKLED BEETS? I know - that's not a new vege for you since you already like beets.

Ummm - squash of any kind? It's kind of like potatos. I mean acorn squash, not zucchini. CUt it in half, season it with something (we use a bit of butter and honey, but maybe you'd like it with salt and pepper, or some cajun spices sprinkled on it) and bake it (cut side up) for about 45 minutes or so at 350 degrees - until a fork pokes through it. Like a potato!

How about spaghetti squash? Open it up, scrape out the "spaghetti," steam it a couple of minutes, and season it however you like. It's texture is pretty much like pasta - a bit wetter, maybe.

And how about eggplant? It can be a main meal: try eggplant parmesan. We make eggplant sandwiches (fry eggplant first). We also make strips of eggplant, fry it (using spray-on stuff), use cajun spices or indian curry spices on it, stick it on a plate and serve with a little bit of sour cream. It's not particularly low-cal, but it is a very yummy way to eat a vege and get some calcium and fiber.

If you like beets and potatoes, how about other root vegetables? Parsnip, Turnip (YUM!), rutabega, etc. Just treat them like potatoes. Bake them, steam them, microwave them. I love turnip with soy sauce sprinkled on. Spicy! I love parsnip with a bit o butter (bad girl), salt and pepper. Or whip them!

And have you tried hummus? It's a great way to dip cucumbers, bell peppers - just about anything. And it is an easy, tasty way to eat chick peas, which are chock full of good stuff for you (and as Christy pointed out, LOTS of fiber!).

If you like dark leaves, how about bok choy or chinese cabbage? I love both plain, but stir fry - with anything. Small baby corn (in the foreign section of your supermarket). Water chestnuts. Snow peas. OR BEETS. Why not?

My mom loves kohlrabi (another root type thing). I've never had it and dont' know what it tastes like. She steams it and puts butter and salt on it. ?????

Ok - that's it for the off-the-top-of-the-head stuff.

I'm on cup three of tea today. And about... 1/2 litre of water so far.

OH - breakfast. Normal grapefruit, orange juice, and raisin bran. Added 1/2 cup of blueberries and about 15 raspberries. I THINK i just had 5 fruits!???
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It runs in my mind that corn is considered (for dieters, that is) like a carbohydrate. It's starchy. I wouldn't count it as a vegetable, if I were you. I'd try to find another.
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So what about potatoes? Do you know? Because then half my suggestions to Heidi are just starches, and not vegetables!
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Gees, you take away the only good-for-me things that I eat! Actually, though, I was wondering the same thing about the potatoes. I do love potatoes, but I know they are full of starch.
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From everything I have learned, no starch counts as a vegetable when on a diet. Starches become sugars. When I was in school, this was illustrated by the science teacher, who suggested that we chew a piece of bread for a long time--to leave it in our mouth. Sure enough, it becomes sweet. Christy could explain the chemical reaction. I'm just going by what I remember reading. I'm not an expert. I believe you need green leafy vegetables, and beets, green beans, celery, carrots, etc., not corn. Of course you need carbohydrates also, but our diets are carbohydrate heavy.

I believe you want to fill up on veggies as much as possible. My daughter was on Weight Watchers after her babies were born, and couldn't finish all the food she had to eat. Example: Two cups of green beans would be approximately 50-75 calories max. Two cups of potatoes, without butter would be several hundred calories. You can eat so much if you eat the right thing. Celery and raw potatoes burn more calories in digestion than they contain. Of course, I like a piece of raw potato occasionally, but I wouldn't want to give up a baked potato (small-100 calories.) It's what you put on a baked potato that really adds the calories. Cut down on fats, sugars and carbohydrates and try lean broiled or baked meats, low fat milk, lots of green, leafy vegetables and beets, carrots, peas, etc., not the veggies high in carbohydrates. You have to treat yourself, however, or you'll get discouraged. Have the frozen yogurt cone, the occasional sherbert, a small dessert or low fat (made with cool whip, instead of Redi-whip) a cup of Jello (100 calories) with cool whip, and a bit of fat or your body will slow its metabolism and you will hit a plateau.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, Christie. I happen to think Richard Simmons is funny, and I watch him on occasion. He really likes the Weight Watcher's diet because it's wholesome. Also, I come from a family full of nurses. So, I'm reasonably sure about these things. (Christy, correct me, please.) I hope I'm not raining on anyone's parade. Oh! I understand that a good amount of popcorn without butter is allowed in most diets. It's something to munch. I'm sure there's a product that tastes buttery to put on top. Be cautious about low cal dressings. Many people think if they use low cal dressings they can eat extra cookies or twice as much, and that nullifies the low cal of the dressing. I hope this is helpful.

Proteins are very filling and stay with you. An occasional hard boiled egg (I think 3 a week is ok) will stay with you much longer than a piece of bread, but each contains approx. 75 calories. Slosh! slosh! You people have me burning calories running to the B.R. I feel guilty if I don't drink water now, and I don't like water!
Give me some of that iced tea, Debbie!

Here's a site that you might check if in doubt:
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I think you are right, although not all carbs are created the same. Here in America, we rely on pre-processed carbs, like white rice, enriched breads, etc. Complex carbs like brown rice and whole-grain bread are much better for you. Potatoes I think fall into the white bread/rice category, but please don't quote me on that. For potato lovers, how about trying yams? They are sweet and because they are colorful, they must have more good chemicals.

And it's a good point about allowing treats every now and then. If one day I crave potato chips or a sweet, I'll have it. That way, I am much less likely to binge on them a few days down the road. And fats are important, too, believe it or not. They are what carry the flavors of foods. Using the right kind of fats is what is key-olive oil instead of corn oil, for instance.

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LDG...I'm sorry to hear about your infection...let us know what the doctor says. And you mentioned fried eggplant...I LOVE it! (dipped in egg and cracker crumbs) but had thought I couldn't have it, because I always fry it in oil, but had never thought of trying it in the fat-free cooking spray!!! Thanks for the tip!!!

Lhezzza...I too use that "I can't believe it's not butter" but I use the 'light" version. it tastes so good that even my husband, who does not need to diet, uses it regularly. he can't tell the difference. They also make a "I can't believe it's not butter" spray, in a bottle, that tastes great and has little or no calories. (and no fat) I spray it on my popcorn, and on baked potatoes, veggies, toast, etc. it is GREAT!!!!!

Michelle, glad you have joined us!!!! (by the way, I like to exercise while watching my soap I tape in the evening too!) (that is when I have time, which isn't much anymore)

I like to eat those fat free yogurts as a delicious low cal snack...they taste really good!!!!

I love coming here to check out this thread, because it really keeps me motivated!!!! I was so depressed yesterday because I made the comment at work that I needed to lose 20 lbs and my supervisor (who meant well) said...so what if your a little heavier since you had the baby, you have a great personality...she meant it as a compliment, but for some reason, it kinda bummed me out. You know, the whole stigma of "but she has a great personality" usually means their body sucks.
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Debby I know exactly what you mean... I hate those comments! I have been a big girl all my life, no matter how fit I've been, I've always been at least slightly overweight, that's just the way I'm built. And I've tried to lose weight so many times (usually at least partially succeeding) it's not even funny, and often I talk to people about it, and usually people say something like oh I'm sure you'll get there, or good luck, or give some advice. It didn't really hit me until I talked to a very good friend of mine about the topic of weight a few months ago, and when I said something like "I wonder what I'd be like if I was 60 pounds skinnier/fatter" she merely said "well, you know, you'd still be Eeva". It really hit me, and I started thinking about it... You know, when people talk to me about them wanting to lose weight, I try to be supportive by saying the things people say to me, or giving tips, or something, but after that comment from my friend, I realized that even all these friendly comments in some way say "great, it's good you're trying to lose weight, you need to" even if that's not at all what they mean, but it is in some way implied. What you really need to hear is that you are wonderful just the way you are. Of course support is great, but from now on, to my friends and family I always say you're great just the way you are, and THEN go on with the good luck wishes and all.

I mean I know my friends and family don't really care about my weight, but it just hit me that hardly anyone says 'you're great because you're you', and even though I know they merely mean to be supportive, often the comments also imply that *they* think it's good I'm trying to lose weight. Anyone know what I mean? It's really funny that it just hit me, after having dealt with the topic all my life... That the most important thing to say to others is that they're perfect just the way they are, and that they keep being the same wonderful person, no matter what they look like or what weight they are.

Well, to keep this thread more on the topic, I have to say that now that I am feeling better (still not 100% but much better) I'm slowly starting my exercise up again. It's horrible how you can get so unfit in just two weeks of being sick! Well, slowly starting my walks with the dogs again, doing more each day, so it shouldn't take long to get where I was before I got sick. And when I went to the supermarket today I bought a whole lot of veggies and some fruits, which have been a lesser part of my diet while I've been ill, since I just couldn't taste them at all. So I'm slowly getting there, too.
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Hello Everyone,
First of all, thank you for letting me join this exclusive group! I wanted to share my official "before" pictures with you all...even though it hurts me to share these pictures. They were taken in May and I know that I've gained at least 10 pounds since they were taken. I have not shared these with anyone before and I'm a little scared to share them. I guess I'm just ashamed of my weight and these pictures definitely show my true size. BUT...Starting today, I am looking forward to seeing the new me and how great I will feel when I finally accomplish my goal. I want to lose 20 pounds for starters, but eventually want to lose 35 to 40 pounds. I will definitely need some encouragement through all of this and am so happy I have found friends like all of you that are going through the same thing that I am going through. I was proud of myself today...I drank one liter of water! Though I made several trips to the bathroom, I know that it is all worth it in the end! Wish me luck and the best of luck to all of you too!
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Here is another "before" picture...
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Shell - what beautiful pics - you look great! Thank you for sharing!
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Michelle, you are BEAUTIFUL! You shouldn't be ashamed at all. Of course, in reality none of us should be ashamed, but we are.

Where are you at in Nebraska? I was born in Columbus and went to school in Seward, and have friends in the Ulysses/David City area, and family in Norfolk/Battle Creek.
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Hi guys, I know I'm new here, but, I could really stand to lose about 40 or 50 pounds. I haven't been able to work due to back and hip problems. I'm now home with my 4 year old and the kitties. I'm enclosing a photo of me with my daughter son and grandaughter. I have 6 kids but they didn't all get into this picture.
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Lovely family photo! Wow, 6 kids. I can't even imagine one. LOL

Of course, you are very welcome to join us. Like Ady has said before, the more the merrier!

I have had a couple thoughts for next week's goal I'd like to throw out to our group. 1) Cut portion size. 2) Leave food on your plate and don't feel guilty about throwing food away. (I need help with the last part!!!) 3) Get off our rear ends and DO SOMETHING! (exercise) What would you guys like to do?

And of course, we are still continuing to DRINK, DRINK, DRINK water and get those fruits and veggies in our diet.
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I have a park near my home I could walk to. I'll just have trouble dragging Charlie (my four year old)out of there so I may have to stay there for an hour or two. I should take any way as he is becoming a computer addict. He has been on the computer since he was 18 months old. Oh, walking ..right.. I tend to get distracted! So, walking 3 times a week? What do you guys think? Teresa
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Shell and Dragonlady - how beautiful you BOTH are! The first thing many people here have to deal with is that you are your own worst critics. Eeva's so right - you MUST start with loving yourself RIGHT NOW, just the way you are. And think of the rest as just getting healthier - then it becomes about changing habits and not losing weight!

I like the idea of adding an exercise of some kind. I also like walking! Since I already walk with hubby at least several times a week, we should consider increasing what we do by "one." So those of us who don't exercise has to add at least one a week. A walk or a workout, or whatever. If we already walk three times a week, we have to make it four. Or extend what we do. If we walk four blocks, walk six. Gary & I walk about 1 1/2 miles. We should increase it to two, and increase it to four times a week from three - that kind of thing. ????? What do you think?

I'm still working on water and adding fruit or vege....

I'm at 1 1/2 litres so far. No tea (I wasn't allowed to eat or drink before the CT thing, and I didn't finish there until after noon). I just can't seem to break the 2 litre mark - and I'm only 1/2 way to a gallon!
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Laurie, I think I'm at my water limit, too. I am still doing good on it, though. I'm drinking 12-13 glasses a day, which is about 3 liters. Still have that last liter to go.

I can go for the exercise thing. I like your idea, too, of up it by "one." Baby steps, right? Hey, that way if you plan on walking or something three times, but only actually go twice, you are still ahead of the goal!
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Jeez Valanhb...what am small world we live in! I'm from Fairbury (about 10 miles from the Kansas/Nebraska border)...which isn't that far from Seward! It's a very small town (like Seward), but I like how everyone knows everyone here. In a city, you don't have the connections like you do in a small community.
As for you having family in Norfolk, I really hope that they were not affected by the latest tragedy there. It was a scary day for most of us in Nebraska. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, there was a bank robbery in Norfolk, Nebraska that killed 4 employees and a customer. It was a very sad day...to say the least.

Now..back to the Weight Loss Mission, I've gotta be honest with you all. I did horrible today! I caught a nasty cold and felt miserable all day. I did manage to drink 6 glasses of water today, but spurged on "feel good" food. Hopefully this cold or what ever I've got, runs it's course soon...so I can at least have some energy to do something.
Sorry for being a slacker right now...I promise to do better when I'm feeling a bit better.
I hope everyone is doing good on your Mission too...Keep drinkin' that H20 and chompin' on those veggies!
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I like the added exercise thing - I am bad at being motivated, but with everyone else doing it I hope I will too. I feel really horrid today - nasty sore throat and bad sinuses, so I will probably stick with tea, water and soup today since it hurts to swallow!

Lets start get active folks!
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Add a little honey and lemon to your tea it will help. If you are really conjested eat something spicy it will break up the stuffyness! Get well soon!
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Adding exercise is a great idea! And with the cold and flu season starting, I think we should give any sick person a free pass to eat as they like without guilt. I know when I'm sick, just eating can be a chore, so even if it's "bad", it's at least food.

I've got the water thing down now. I'm finding that if I don't drink at least 1 1/2 liters, I get thirsty. The extra fruits/veggies is harder. I'm planning on getting baby carrots at the grocery store and packing them for work.

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I agree, being sick pretty much gives you a free pass. Oh, and Ady when you are at home, add a little whiskey/bourbon/scotch to that tea with honey and lemon. It really does help! If nothing else, drink enough hot toddys and you won't even remember that your throat hurts!

Unfortunately, I don't even have being sick as an excuse. I've been bad the last 2 nights. I've been eating more than I should at dinner, and now there's more sweets in the house than usual. I had a huge urge to bake, which doesn't happen very often. I made chocolate chip cookies last Saturday. Normally that's not too bad, since I don't eat many sweets. I usually bake and then give them away. Of course, hubby won't let me do that with this batch, and then he bakes a cake last night. AAAAAHHHHH! Why is it as soon as I'm trying to really lose weight we get sweet happy?!?! And we won't even mention Halloween.... (I have been good with that. We haven't even opened the bags yet. )

Michelle, it is a small world. One of the other members here, Jin & Spawn, is from Columbus and now lives just over the mountains here in Colorado. Fortunately, none of my family was affected by the bank robbery in Norfolk. I was scared, though, as my cousin is a Madison County Sherriff who is also on the Swat team. What a horrible day that was. One of the guys I work with is from Norfolk, too, so we were both watching the wire. I'm glad they at least caught the guys who did it.

I've already told hubby that I need a copy of the key to the fitness center for our complex, so I'm gearing up for the exercise!
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Ack! I can't even swallow water today - it hurts! I want my mommy!
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If you can't swallow water then you may have STREP. It won't go away by itself. It will get worse the longer you wait and you can pass it on to others. Be safe and my prayers are with you!
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I will try to make an appointment for this afternoon!
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