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Hello from a newby!

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Hello from a catlover. I have a red persian who is the love of my life. Looking forward to lots of informative messaging!
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Hi Krissi

Lots of new persian owners coming on board recently. Great to have you here. What's your red persian called?
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Welcome Krissi! I think you will fit in just fine here. You are definitely just as crazy about your kitty as we all are about ours.
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G'day and welcome
Hope you enjoy the group. I'm new as well and loving it
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Thanks to everyone for the replies. I am sure I will really enjoy the group. My precious red persian's name is Mushka.Persians are popular here in South Africa, but I have noticed a huge interest developing in orientals. Personally, I enjoy the long-haired cats and my husband is keen on getting a Maine Coon to join the family one day...

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Hi Krissi and a big warm welcome!!!!!!! I was born in Sth West Africa but left when I was 10 years old. I was at a cat show today and met a breeder that was sending one of his Abyssinians over to South Africa. Also saw my first live Main Coon, they are stunning. I have 3 cat's, 3 kittens and a Russian blue on it's way next week. I am nuts about cats and The Cat Site as you'll find out LOL! Please send me some biltong, I miss it terribly.
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Hey Leslie! Cats loooove biltong too! Does Mortimer mouse live in the same house as the cats? Nerve-wrecking!

My Mushka has kittens on the way, due at the end of November. It's an exciting time for us!

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LOL yes he does, I think it's more nerve wrecking for the cats though cause they can't get at him. He just ignores them. I love my cats but if I got hold of some biltong there is no way I would share it, at least until I had my fill LOL.
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All right, Leslie. I know better, but I'll bite. (Jeanie, will you never learn?) What is a biltong? Is it black and gooey and do you tar roofs with it? Oh, no....that's vegemite... All right. I give up. You tell me, and I'll pretend I believe you.

Krissi, welcome. You'll have great fun here, I'm sure. Just pretend you believe in vegemite, and Bundylee will be all right. Seriously, (I was serious, but I can't let Leslie know that!) we have a great bunch of knowledgable people who would love to hear about your cats, and see pictures too! I'm looking forward to seeing your posts!
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because we love our vegemite...we all adore our vegemite...it puts a rose in every cheek

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Mo----MMMY!!! They're ganging up on me! MO----ther!!
(Pops thumb into mouth and sits in a corner.) I'm telling my mother on you!
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awwww...now don't get upset...we're sorry...


...have a vegemite sandwich...

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Vegemite? We don't have Vegemite here but I know what you are talking about. I think it is what we call Marmite here?

Biltong is salted, spiced, dried meat that you will either love or hate. No matter where I travel in the world, South Africans living anywhere always ask if I have biltong. Obviously dogs and cats love it. My cat just has to hear the sound of the paper and she starts asking for a slice!

I have attached a picture of Mushka when I first got her as a kitten (she needed a bath!) and will look for a nice pic of her as an adult to attach.

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See, Louise and Leslie! Someone's nice to me around here! Krissi, that sounds a bit like beef jerky. I have a running argument with Leslie that vegemite is something she made up to fool us 'Mericans, as she calls us. I just make her stand in the corner when she starts, but I don't know what to do about Louise!
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Yep it's a similar product to marmite and promite, but tastes better...lol
That does sound a like the description of beef jerky...but I've never tried either one before.

Muhahahaha...we're multiplying and ganging up...look out! lol

Awwww the picture didn't work. It might have been too large to enlose. Bummer
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Oh dear, I will have to work on attaching the picture. Will try again.

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There's a maximum size allowed so you might need to edit the picture and make it smaller. I just use the standard photo editor or paint programs to reduce the size of mine.
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Thanks for the help - hope this works as you just have to see this gorgeous cat!

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Aww...what a cutie and what a pose!
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Mushka is such a cutie! Looks like she loves to pose pretty, too!
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I can't stand much more of this sweetness! I won't need sugar in my iced tea for a month! I want kittens! NOW! I'm losing it, people. Better get the smelling salts.
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Ahhhhhhhhh such a fluffy angel!!!
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Aww. That brings memories back. Before I got Fifi, I had my heart set on a Red Persian. Thought it sould complement my Blue one perfectly .

When we went to the breeder to see the little red angel, I picked him up (he was TINY). The little monster sank his teeth into my hand and wouldn't let go.

It was at that point that I saw the little lilac cream beauty and fell in love with her and reserved her (Fifi). I'd still like a red one at some time though.

Mushka is adorable. Did you know that Mushka, in Polish means a small fly?
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She has the sweetest face! So fluffyShe's like a puff of cotton candy!

Proud parent of JoJoAuxana and Sarah
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That is one adorable picture!

And to add to what Yola said, Myska in Czech means "mouse" and my significant other wanted to name Nakita that.....but I won!

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Yeah, Russian Blue - Myszka is also mouse in Polish. But Muszka (in-country spelling) is a fly.

Like the Czech artist Alfons Mucha. Mucha is the full (not diminuitive) version of Muszka.
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Welcome krissi from another newbie here
Mushka is just adorable,loved the picture.
Cheers veronica
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Yeah....... Kitty Pictures

You have a beautiful baby!!!
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Yay the picture worked
And I'm glad it did because she is gorgeous!!
Thanks for sharing the picture with us
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