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Getting a new foster today!!

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We have another overweight cat in our care at the mo, she has been with one of our fosterers since either just before or just after X Mas, but she is struggling, so as I had success with Tom, I have been volunteered!! So, Tom is going to go and live with her bro till we can find a space, which gives me a space to take Lucy - she is a semi-longhaired tortie, and will be going for a weigh in next week to find out what she needs to lose. Am setting off in 30 mins to get her, will post pics later.
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Awwwww, can't wait to see pics!!
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well good luck with her...........cant wait for photos !!
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Aww! Good luck. Cant wait to see some pics!!
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Well, she is here now. I have dealt with overweight cats in the past but have never seen one as overweight as this one. What I really can't understand is that this owner had her vacc'd every year, so she was seen by a vet every year - and she couldnt' ahve suddenly got fat between August and coming to us - and she isn't a semi-long haired either, it is just her flab!!

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Wow, she really is overweight (but pretty). Good luck with her!
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Aww, what a precious baby. She's beautiful, but yes too overweight. Bless you for fostering her!
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Aw - sweet baby! You'll get her healthy again!
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aww she is a sweetie, she´ll soon be fighting fit again !!
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poor baby! She's lovely. I don't know how someone would let their cat get that HUGE. Thanks SO much for taking this sweet girl in! you're her angel.
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I do hope we can soon shift this weight - I will find out Thurs just how overweight she is, and how much she has to lose - at least she has age on her side though, she will be 7 in June (she came with her vaccination card, it has all been kept up to date), and apparently will play. i can't understand her owner for letting her get to this weight, but it isn't the only obese cat we have had to take in sadly.
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Did anyone ever tell you what she weighs? I worry about my Löki all the time, because he is overweight and I know it. The vet tells me not to worry because of the steroids he's on for his asthma, it's to be expected! However, I've never owned an overweight cat before and I know that they can have health problems as a result, and it worries me!
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As I said, she is going to be weighed on Thurs, she hasn't been weighed up to press, and I wouldnt like to guess. Off the initial pics I saw, I guessed similar to the 8.96kg Tom (last overweight foster) weighed, but looking at her in flesh, I am not 100% sure I am right, she could be heavier. She does snore quite loudly, which isn't surprising with her size, bless her and her legs look shorter than they are cos there is so much extra flesh.
Please do ignore your vet, and try and get some of his extra weight off him - it is a side effect of steroids, but one of the health risks with being overweight is diabetes, and steroids can also contribute to that, which isn't a good combination. Also, I bet his asthma would be better without some extra weight too.
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awww, what a sweetheart! she's a very pretty girl! i'm sure with you giving her such wonderful care and looking after her- she will shape up and get in good condition with time She's lucky to have you!!
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That poor girl. At least now you'll get some weight off her & add some of the years back to her life!
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Here are a couple of pics taken after our play session, and one taken after I clipped her claws, she wasn't impressed, and poor Patches was getting worked up with her growling, he kept coming up and tapping her!! They do give something to compare her size too.

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she is 8.05 - I was gobsmacked, esp after carrying her, she certainly seems a lot heavier than the scales say she is!! The vet did say though that she is more overweight than Tom was, as she prob should weigh about 3.5-4kg, so 50ish % overweight!! Vet asked what I was going to do with her,and I said I had no idea, which I dont!! She has had to be shaved under her tail, and will need a lot of grooming, as she has greasy dandruffy fur near her tail cos she simply cannot reach herself to groom, and she will get to see the rest of the house on Sat, as she isn't doing enough in the cat room, and will never loose any weight!! As a result, she isn't eating a lot cos she isn't doing enough to feel hungry. Vet felt the owners were very cruel letting her get that big, and I have to agree with her - she told me it would take a long time.
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I'm so very glad you've got her! Hopefully, with time, she will loose some of that unnecessary weight & learn to be a cat again.
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I'm not sure I can agree with glad, I have no idea how I am going to get this cat to lose weight, and her fur is in such poor condition cos she can't reach it, bless her. Hopefully she will soon lose the weight, and we can then find her a better home.
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What a pretty calico!!
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Lucy is beautiful..
I am so glad that you have taken her under your wing.
Lots of vibes for a weight loss success with Lucy are on the way.

Keep us updated
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good luck with her! she is pretty if pudgy time to start the work out regime
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She is pretty - and I dont like torties, but she is one of the few friendly ones I have met. Fingers crossed when we go back in a month there will have been some reduction in her weight, we are goign to struggle for the first few months though, as she is carrying soo much extra weight that walking and playing too much isnt an option.
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Wow! She is huge! It makes me sad when people let there pets get in such a state. And for the vet not to say anything?!
I hope you can work some magic on her so she has a better quality of life.
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Jaffacake - letting your pet get to this state is cruelty in my opinion - my vet said that the owners vet might not have said anything, she dealt with a 7kg diabetic cat who's previous vet didn't say anything about the cats weight being conected with it.
I hope I can too - its goign to be a long road though.
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My thoughts exactly! I saw a really sad programme about obese dogs. The owners just didn`t care that they were 'killing with kindness'
My cats a bit plump but I do my best to keep his weight down. Whenever we go to the vets he is weighed and she has told me he must not get any bigger.
Best of luck. It`s good to know there are people like you out there.
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I Actually missed that programme, but have had 2 neighbours who did that with their dogs - they both ignored me when I Said that to them. They felt that as they were older dogs, they shouldn't take away their pleasures. I said that my older overweight animals would be kept on a diet as a few of the health issues they can get can also be age related - I can't stop them getting age related probs, but I can stop them getting weight related ones, and I dont want to have to feel guilty that my pet is ill purely cos I ignored their weight.

What kind of things do you do to keep your cats weight down? What food do you feed? Thanks, I think I will need loads of luck with this one!!
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I just noticed your in the UK too!
It was on a while ago on Channel 4.
Kitty has Science Plan for sensitive stomachs as this is a big problem for him.
He also has cooked white fish for breakfast. I think you can buy 'light' food for the more, a-hem, chubby cats, but as Kitty is limited to the sensitive types of food, I haven`t tried them.
We also have lots of 'play time' in the evening and he can go out when he wants which isn`t very often.
Oh and I`ve started feeding little and often so he doesn`t want to pig out.
He`s 6kg so Im trying to not let him get any bigger though he`d eat all day if he could!
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YEah, although a lot further up the country than you!!
I know, I meant to watch it, but forgot!!
Dry food does have more calories in it than wet food, not sure on white fish, I dont feed things like that on a regular basis. JWB does Senior/Light food, and it is Hypoallergenic. If you feed him little and often, do you monitor how much food he gets? It is important to stick to a certain amount of dry food if you are watchign their weight.
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Yeah, I saw that food yesterday when I went to the pet shop! It was such a big bag though and I didn`t want to get it and then find it didn`t agree with him. Maybe they do trial size. Will investigate. Also he is only 4-5 years old so I dont know if Senior would be right for him.
He cant eat any wet cat food. We tried the Hills ID and Perfect Fit Sensitive and he just throws it all up. He only had a teaspoon!
Hope Lucy? is doing well! Keep up the good work!
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