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Below is an email from my daughter, it is about the grand opening that they had.

Mama, tell the catsite people to go to www.barl.net and click on the "scrapbook"
link on the left side of the page. After that, tell them to click on the "Grand
Opening" link. It has lots of great photos of the new facility that would be
even better than my pictures that I took.
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That is really nice and there are some great success stories
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That is really great B
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I am really amazed at that new stuff, I had not seen it myself since it was finished.

The people at BARL are just so wonderful, they love what they do for these animals.

In case some of you don't know, BARL is the shelter that the cat site people chose to recieve the donations from the cookbook sales.

The houses that you saw in the pictures were built by a local man and donated to the shelter. They were painted by students Co-Lin which is a local college. The houses are for the lifers, these are dogs that have spent their entire lives there. They are pretty big houses too, when me and Desirée visited there before it was completed, I even crawled up in one of them, just to see what it was like.

Anyways Desirée just wanted ya'll to see what the new shelter looked like.
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looks really cool!!
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I think that some of those dogs that are in the pictures are the "lifers", but I do not remember which ones.
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Great way to share the awesomeness!!
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Wow, it looks great. Wonderful job and congrats to BARL!
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