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Ringing the vets about Molly tomorrow

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She has brought 2 meals up this week, one wet, one dry, so it isn't the food that has done it. She was very quiet this evening when I got home, and didn't show much interest in eating for an hour and a half. I am wondering if it is furballs like Tom, but Molly doesn't like any furball medication, and putting it in her food doesn't really help much. She also suffers with constipation, so wondering if there is something connected there. I wormed her about an hour ago as well, so will have to find out if that will have stayed down, or if she will need re-doing. She only had bloods done a month ago, so not concerned too much that way. But, my Molly is never sick, so something not right, fingers crossed it is either cos of a furball or her constipation issues (hard to tell at the mo how often she is going, cos they have poos either when I Am in bed or at work, so no idea who is doing what I clear out of the tray.
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Poor Molly. I hope she is feeling better and able to eat. Please let us know the results of your conversation with the vet.
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Do you mean vomited 2 meals? How old is she? Completely understand your worries, yet remind yourself that this is something cats do.....Maia is 1 year this month, about 2 months ago she was vomiting her food up, twice in 1 week but several times each period. I was really worried, her first time. She was a little lethargic. I pulled her food from her for 12 hours and kept an eye on her, she was fine, a little something in the tummy..........Fur balls usually have that throat clear cough sound before they come up. As long as its not several times , days in a row, I wouldn't be to worried.
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Hopefully it's just a bit of a stomach upset or catarrh Sending many, many }}}VIBES{{{ to you and Molly
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Decided not to bother with teh vets - after switching the comp off last night, she finished off the dry she had left before being sick, pestered for more, and was back to usual this morning - including tryig to stop me breathing by lying across my throat!! Good job she only weighs 3.5kg!!
Cheylink - she brought her brekkie up on Wed morning and then last nights supper (although she had eaten tea no prob). She is 14, which is why I worry, I have only had one of mine get past the age of 14, but she had a full geriatric profile done last month, so I know her organs are fine (if she hadn't, she would have been to the vets) - it is just out of character for her, I have had her 15 months now and dont recall her being sick before this week, and she was quiet last night - but her third eyelids aren't up, and she is normal again now.
Must remember to find out if she will need re-worming though!! One of my fosters is goig this weekend, so she can have access to the cat grass again, and I will see what she does in the tray - if still not happy on Mon, then I will get her booked in.
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Glad to hear Molly is feeling better, she probably thought you hadn't got enough to worry about
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aww..you know Dino throws up at least once a fortnight, hes greedy and gobbles his food down, so that what the vet has put it down to..........so most times we just clean it up and then about 1hr later he wants his food and no problems
But I know how you feel - it is a worry when you dont know what causes it or they havent been like that before

Give her some tummy rubs from us
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It sounds like you have reasoned the situation thru very well. I do notice in my household that we have more vomiting in the spring time as they start to shed their hair as the weather warms. Just another thought for you to ponder.....
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Will try and give her tummy rubs later - everything with Molly has to be done on her terms, she hasn't really got much better in that respect in the 15 months she has been here, but she was 13, so prob too old to change - and she is happy, so c'est la vie.
Momofmany - we have ahd that prob with Tom recently, Molly has never had issues with furballs though, and doesn't like any kind of treats, so things like Katalax are out of the question - but fortunately she is fine with the Lactulose she gets for her constipation.
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