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Bee and wasps stings, and many many other things!!

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Ok, so the post about what everyone is allergic to, got me thinking.

I have never in my life broke a bone, had stitches, or been stung-by anything. So now I wanna know, who all here has had one, two, or all of the above?? I actually havent been hospitalized except when I was a baby(pneumonia) and also had my tonsils out when I was 12, and then when I had my babies
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I've broken a couple bones (my nose...in a freak ballet accident, and my foot...in another freak ballet accident) and been stung by a bee twice (landing me in the ER both times because I'm allergic). The only time I've been in the hospital for an extended stay was also when I had my tonsils out...I was seven.
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When I was a youth (it was the summer of the 1st landing on the moon) I cut my leg on a metal culvert (one that was about 6-7 ft wide) that was located in a local river. I had to get 14 stitches or so on my right leg halfway between knee and ankle. A pretty good sized scar!!. I've got scars around my eyes from childhood injuries, a scar on my lower skull from riding on a wagon that had an oil drum and we hit a bump and I hit the edge of the drum with the back of my head!!
I ripped open that webbing area between thumb and forefinger on a small chain.
Broke a bone in my foot by stumbling over a small pile of trim in the garage.
Stepped on a couple nails-last time was about 3 yrs ago. Cut right forefinger with bowsaw-nice scar no stitches-also nipped out finger with my Felco hand pruner.
Surgery on big toe to remove bone spurs.
Many wasp and bee stings over the years along with poison oak rashes...
Just call me klutzy.....
oh and the trip in the hallway where I thought I broke my forearm-just a bonebruise and the time I tore my hamstring in college.......I'll stop now!!
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I've been stung many times, broken my ankle, cracked ribs, gotten over 400 stitches from a dog bite and various injuries, been hospitalized several times for various ailments (mental and physical).

Wow... I've never written it all out. It's amazing I'm still alive.

The worst is when I pulled the cartilage away from my ribs. It took MONTHS to heal and I still get sharp pains every now and then.
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Ive been stung a few times..maybe 3 in all.
fractured my elbow when i was 5
and had stiches in my mouth for an oral surgery last valentines day.

Although i have been stung by a bee i would hate to get stung by a wasp...oh my those things strike terror in me
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I have been stung over a dozen times. And I'm midely allergic to certain bee stings. (yellowjacket, wasp)

I broke my little toe on my right foot 7 years ago or so.

I've never gotten stitches, though I needed them twice.. I was too scared to get them.
Now I got two big ugly scars because of it. One right below my lip which is ahrd to see. My tooth went right through it.
And on my left elbow, about an inch and a half long.
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I've never spent a night in hospital, other than I was born a few weeks premature and had to be kept in until I was a good weight, but I don't remember that.

I've had broken toes and cracked ribs which are painful but come under the category of 'they can't do much about it, it will heal in its own time' iykwim.

I have actually been concussed on a number of occasions, mostly due to horse-riding accidents, and once due to a chair being thrown at my head. I never went to hospital though, these all occurred when I was a kid and I didn't tell my mum how ill I felt because she would have stopped me riding horses. The time I had a chair thrown at me was on my 13th birthday and my mum initially thought I was making it up so I could have the rest of my birthday off school, but when she came home herself she realised I was really sick, my dad got in real trouble with her for picking me up from school and then leaving me at home by myself when I was concussed. He didn't know what had happened tho, about an hour after the incident I went to the school nurse saying I felt sick and she called him to pick me up, even I didn't put 2 and 2 together at the time.

I hated being 13, my birthday that year was 'eventful' in a not so good way, and the rest of the year wasn't great either.

I seem to be particularly prone to head injuries, I have a huge dent in my skull from one of the horse riding incidents (kicked in the head)
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I'm a bit accident prone too, but luckly I haven't broken anything aside from toes.

Lets see, some of the ones that have stood out from the normal little accidents.

Wasps sting at 5 years old (not allergic)
Red harvester ant sting on the back of my neck at 6 years old, that swelled and made me sick, required a doctor visit.
Many bad colds that progressed into bronchial infections.
In a car wreck at 8, caused some neck damage. Following chiropractor visit caused back problems...
Tossed off a horse at 9.
Some"thing" yanked my feet out from under me causing me fall down the stairs at 11, head and neck saved by the laundry basket in my arms, the rest of me was scrapped up and bruised.

Numerous accidents involving broken glass.
12, Walked into a pipe, broke a bunch of cartilage in my left ear.
Nails! 4 of them, 3 separate occasions.
Fell on ice a few times in Michigan, once bad enough that I couldn't walk for a few days.
More bad colds, bronchial infections, pneumonia. Bad infection in my gallbladder (never took it out though).
Electrocuted myself on a lamp cord with a short, felt weird for a few hours but didn't go to the hospital.
17, Twisted ankle so badly it made a loud snapping noise, took months to heal.
Nearly flung out of a roller coaster, left very bruised.

More recently, cat bite resulting in a hospital visit.
Slammed left pointer finger in car door, lost feeling in it for 4 months.
Blacked out when reaching above my head for ceiling fan cord, awoke with a lump on my head and a red welt on my back.

I haven't had a serious accident in over 2 years, maybe I've finally learned to watch where I'm going and where I put my hands.
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