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Kitty sleeping

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Aww, I love sleeping pets! *So* precious!! But sshhh...
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Beautiful macro shots!

What a gorgeous kitty!
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wow what fabulous photos and of course you´ve got a fabulous model and what a beautiful colour
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I LOVE that little nose.
Give it a little kiss for me when your sweetheart wakes up please!
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Awww! He's precious! I too love that little nose!!!! hehe I kiss my kitties on the nose all of the time.
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awwww <3 what a cutie
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Excellent close-ups! I love his little speckled nose.
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Awww bless him he's sleeping with his mouth open
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Thank you!

I would kiss his little nosey peg but he wont let me
He acts just like a kid getting a sloppy kiss off grandma. Sure he wipes kissess off when Im not looking though I will give him hed snoggs!
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Your kitty is out!!(sound asleep). I love the little open mouth..Great pictures..
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OMG! What a sweetheart - I want to reach right out and hug him!!!
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