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is there no way you can keep her in a room where you can close the door? a warm bathroom ? bedroom? then she can have a bit of space , have her bed and litter tray, food , water. least this way you will not come home to find she has moved them , she could move them to a place which is unsafe.
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yea she's confined in my moms room, i could put them in my room wich is probably best, except for the bed problem, unless i move them back everynight.
my room is always kept warm and quiet, thats how i like it. my oms room is quiet
too except for you can hear more of what goes on outside from there
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i dont know what else to sugest , as when lilly had hers she never once moved them.
have you got a large dog crate that you could use , just for a few days ?
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someone said earlyer that she will move them, and i do have a crate but my mom say's its too small
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i hope someone comes along soon to try and offer a bit more advise , but i dont know what else to sugest sorry. but i do hope you find a way for your mum to sleep lol.
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Welcome Daniel to TCS!!

Congratulations on being such a wonderful caretaker of the animal kingdom.

Now I see you are having a moving mommy problem. I read this entire thread and am still confused. Where did she have the babies? If she had them in your mother's room, it may be hard to move her to your room unless you can move them all by crate and reproduce the scents she created during labor elsewhere.

They want to be near the birthsite for some reason. They will just move them back. Did she give birth on any blankets/towels/sheets? I'm thinking if you could move some of those items to your room and create a secluded private place - may i suggest under a bed (my foster baby had hers under mine last summer!) that mommy and company doesn't feel threatened.

I moved a litter of 7 to a den but it was 4 weeks after birth. When I tried before that, Mommy-Gabby through a FIT.

You have done such a wonderful thing and I wish you all of the best with raising these lovely kittens. Please keep us all posted!!!

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dont worry this past few days has been very confusing for me too, all the "going on's" have been posted here lol. my mom os gonna move them back to the basket we have then in when she goes to bed and let them stay on her bed during the day.

other than that everyone is happy and healthy
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I am so happy that everything is going so well just tell ur mom to be careful when sleeping somehow in case the kitties all decide they want to go back on the bed! But you guys are doing great
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one of my mom's friends is buying me a 144$ camera phone if i pay the monthly
bill.....that means i can put up high quality pics of the fur fam, not from my 10$ camera i got now
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well thats cool, what kind of phone are u getting?

I had a $10 dollar camera which i recently gave to my niece and nephews because I hated it and I got a $200 camera and well I am already tired of that, i want something better so we ordered an almost $300 camera today i talked my mom into it somehow Idk how tho wish i did though

But I cant wait to see more pics of ur crew
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its a samsung, im not sure what the other specs is though.
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Originally Posted by daniel_17 View Post

other than that everyone is happy and healthy
that great news........sorry I didnt reply, I´m in Spain so the time differences generally means I´m snoozing while all you lot are chatting
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Welcome Daniel, Scooter and new babies:

You've come to a great place and the Kitten Care forum should give you a lot of good information you can use right about now. I don't know whereabouts you live, but there are low-cost and no-cost spay/neuter programs in a lot of cities: you might want to check at your local Petco or PetsMart and they may be able to give you some sources for the future, as well as leads in finding forever, loving homes for the kittens when they are old enough (8 weeks and above) to leave their mom.

GOOD LUCK, and thank you for caring and wanting to do the right thing by Scooter and her babies! Take best care of them and hope the forums are helpful to you.
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thank you
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Daniel - Its great to hear they are all doing so well!!
Looking forward to those pictures!!
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Dear Scooter and Family and Dad Daniel:

'Sarright! Love 'em and they'll be the best friends you ever had -- cats give unconditional love and loyalty when everyone else don't wanna know!
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my mom when she bought the phone forgot to pay 1.89 extra for text messeging
so i cant put the pics up yet, but when i get text i can email myself the pics then put em up!

oh and thanxs for the help everyone one more time
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Hey Daniel, Scooter, and little ones:

Sure look forward to it and yeah, I know just how that is -- if ya don't get the numbers just right, they come down on ya!
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I'm really glad that you found the site and that everyone could help you through the kittens first stages. =) I know how it feels to be young and have a cat who has kittens.. when you have no idea what to do. my story didn't end so happily though.. but i wish you the best of luck and i hope things keep going well. gonna go look at the pictures now! i have one of those 10 dollar cameras too and they arent good at all, my mom told me that it was 40 though. oh well. yay for your camera phone to take pictures of your new kitties! named any of them yet?
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Just checking in to see how mama and the kittens are doing, I hope everything is going great and well cant wait to see more photos but ya I have a normal samsung that ran me nearly $200 and its a good camera but I wanted one better, the shutter was toooo long !
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yea everyone is doing just fine, infact im gonna check up on the kitties right now. we named one of the them "socks" becous he is all black with white feet, and another magic becous he is all black, if any other were named i dont know about it yet.
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i glad all the kitties r doing good what are all the colors ?? I might have missed that if it was already mentioned but the first pics they were all such cuties and I am waiting patiently for more pics ...pace...pace...pace
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Hey Daniel and fams:

Magic and Socks are great names for them -- can't wait to get the latest updates on their progress, hear the new names, and see photos when their mom is ready to allow it!
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they have all opend their eye's! i gonna remind my mom about that 1.89 ti add text to my phone then get those pics up
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that's incredible!

You must be such a proud catdaddy! How is Scooter taking it all?
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she is doing just fine, kinda protective though lol
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hi Daniel

Just wondering where the pics are the little kitties and their mommy?
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Hey Daniel, Scooter, Socks, Magic and fams:

That's great! Being a good mama. We love that!
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You didn't realize that you were going to get a bunch of picture crazy women did you? LOL! I can't wait to see them when you are able! Congratulations, sounds like you are being a great kitty "grandpa"
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We do love are pictures around here!
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