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I feel sick

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I'm at work and have the whole morning sickness thing happening bad today. I have a meeting in 18 minutes with a couple of the big bosses about a proposal I've done up, and I need to be able to fight for it. I'm going to have some opposition from someone else in the meeting, but I will have backup from a couple of people.

I've whipped this up in a couple of days at late notice, and am pretty proud of it, but don't want to try to present it while I feel like I'm going to throw up, but can't change the meeting.

I haven't told anyone I'm pregnant at work, so can't tell them why I'm feeling ill. I've said a number of times in the last few weeks how sick I've been feeling (before I knew I was preggers), so really don't want to raise much more suspicion...
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You go and sock it to em gal............take some deep breaths and have some water handy and I´m sure you´ll do great

Good Luck
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Awww Sarah, good luck! I hope you feel better soon!
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Crackers, you need a couple of crackers to settle your tummy.

Good luck with your presentation!!!
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Aww, that stinks Sarah. I hope you feel better soon..And yes, keep water handy
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
Crackers, you need a couple of crackers to settle your tummy.

Good luck with your presentation!!!
just what I was thinking, crackers! preferably saltines

go get 'em!
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Aww!! You poor thing. I hate morning sickness!! Many hugs for you..

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aww I hope you are feeling better. How did the meeting go? I hope you kicked butt!
When are you going to tell your co-workers?
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Yep crackers and water. Good luck! You will show them you deserve it!
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Luckily one of the other guys took charge and I could just sit back and put my 2 cents worth in when needed.

I'll tell everyone once I know there's a heartbeat and everything looks fine with the baby.

I don't have any saltines at work - I thought I put them in my bag, but I guess not... I'll have to try just some salted crisps.
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Honey, try going out and getting a motion sickness braclet. My sister had the worst morning sickness I've ever seen and she had to wear stuff like that. It really helped her. They should sell it at any drug store, and you don't have to take any kind of pill that you'd have to ask a doctor about.
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Sugar water/./// or emtrol ( it is a bottle of stuff basically sugar and phosphoric acid///cola surup
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Talk to your Doc about this - but I remember a woman I worked with was pregnant and she munched on quite a few Tums. Not only do they help your tummy, but they're a good source of calcium (the active ingredient, I think, is calcium carbonate). Now of course, Maalox and.... a bunch of others are out there, and they're flavored and stuff. Might help!

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I eat every 3/4 hours. light meals or a cheese sandwhich, a salad, an orange, pasta stuff like that. that is what helps me cut the allday long morning sickness. I heard that cornstartch helps..ewww i know. who the heck its raw cornstartch

Its good that your still doing a good job at work. some days I am so tired and worn i dont even care what the heck is going on at work.

My work found out i was pregnant soon after i did.I asked one person who a good ob/gyn was and it spread like wildfire. Now i get people asking me everyday how me and pickle are doing. Its ok for now but boy...another 6 1/2 months of this and Im gonna go bonkers!
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