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I am freaking out right now, my guidence counseler has called but heres the thing, my internet goes in and out and I have n otified most of my teachers for the most part and they were happy I let them no, and they all no I am good for my work but on the other hand I do have a new phys ed teacher, and the last assignment was a 2 week one and that week just ended and u have to turn in the work when ur done with ur workout and alot of people didnt understand it until last week so idk y he would turn me in u know ! And I dont know why he wouldnt just call me personally u kno !! But then again I dont know what she called about and she called at 11 and well its almost 2 now, and well my brother was on the phone and never let me know that any one called, I got out of the shower and looked on the caller id to see if my mom called and well I seen my schools number and I had to determine who it was that called but there is a possibility that this could be concerning college u know !! I am a senior and everything, but I just dont know what this could be about and well my guidence counseler hasnt really been a good guidnece counsleer all and all because arent u supposed to work on colleges and stuff at the begining of the year not the middle of the second semester I am sitting here shaking trying to figure all of this out, and also the site does go out randomly too so u gotta work around that...man am i about to have a nervous breakdown or something I am shaking I hate talkin to teachers and getting phone calls and what not !!
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Awww.... I hope it turns out well!
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well its 4 pm and I still havent heard back from her, this is just too fustrating for me I dont understand how they have these hours but you can never get in contact with them so I am sitting here waiting and hoping if she does call its before my dad comes home in case its bad u know !
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Just be very calm and collected when you call them back. Explain that you're just now seeing the phone call on the caller ID, and that you received no message but wanted to return the phone call. If there's an issue that they have to speak with your mother about, simply say in a calm, non-plussed manner.. okay, I will let her know and have her call you. And then make sure you do (even though it might be getting yourself into trouble.. you'll get into more if you delay it because they will ultimately get ahold of her). But the more calm and reasonable and matter-of-fact you are, the more they'll treat you like an adult and not like a student (all the way around).

Just be very calm throughout it all, in dealing with your teachers, counselors, and mom.

When I was still in high school (I went to Shaler, btw.. I notice you're from Pittsburgh).. counselors started on colleges in your junior year, but Shaler was a little uptight. If your counselor is not getting things together, research the colleges that you're looking into and find out (even if you have to call them to do it) when their application deadlines are. If he/she continues to not have the time, ask to be reassigned because you're not going to meet your deadlines for applications. If they don't reassign you, they will most likely at least get him/her to make time to help you get it done.

The phone call is probably not bad, and if it was from the counselor it probably has nothing to do with your phys ed teacher and the assignment. Don't freak out, it won't do you any good at all. Just put in the phone call and see what the counselor wanted. Think positive thoughts, it makes dealing with it all easier. Don't let them intimidate you because of their job titles. Think like your kitty would.. channel the non-plussed attitude of the cat.

Make yourself a cup of tea or hot chocolate and just take a few minutes to chill out and relax.

Anyway, hope that helps!
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Oops, started that before you posted the last one... but.. didn't finish it until afterwards, lol. It's partially ancient history now...

I do second the cup of tea or hot chocolate or something, and letting yourself relax a bit.
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Take a nice warm bath or breeeathe...

My motto is don't worry unless you have a legitimate reason to worry. Don't forget too that you school's staff gets a spring break too, so it may be a few days before you hear back from her. Until then, don't worry.
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ya idk when spring break starts alot of colleges that I have been looking into asked about my guidence and i told them i havent talked to them or anything and they were surpirsed they all told me she should have been in contact with me all year about it and well i am looking into a vet tech school, but idk what she called about I did call her and leave a message I just never got the phone call back and I explained why i didnt talk to her then...but i am just a worrier what can I say I am just completely confused on what this all can be about and well i am going to try to call her one more time but they never pick up their phones so hopefully she does call me soon, if not i am going to be a crazy person until she does
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Well my brother just finally showe us his presence and I asked him why didnt u tell me any one called, and he said they asked for Anna and when he said do u mean Amanda they said they have the wrong number so idk, I still have a phone call into her, but I think it is really odd that she still has no interest in asking me bout college or anything
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