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Hi, I am new to this forum. I live in Nottingham, UK.

Can anyone please give me some links of some Ocicat Breeders in Nottingham? I'll buy a kitten. And how much does it cost to buy a kitten?(in £s)
THANKS very much.
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Hi, maa. This is the best I can do for you. It lists some breeders in the U.K. I hope it's helpful. Welcome to the site. We'll look forward to hearing about your kitten and seeing pictures.
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Welcome to the site! There's lots of friendly and knowledgable people here. I'm sure you'll love it here as much as we do.

I'm not sure exactly where they are located, but here is a link to a UK breeder, from the Breeder's list here.

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Hope this is of some help


The Ocicat Club,
Mrs Rosemary Caunter,
Tel. 01420-82957

The Ocicat & Bengal Cat Club,
Mrs H W Hewitt,
The Braes,
160 Hermitage Rd.
Woking, Surrey,
GU21 1XH
Tel. 01483-474225
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Welcome! I'm sure you will get great guidance from the friendly cat lovers here. We look forward to some pictures in the near future.....
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I wish you all the best in finding the purrfect kitten!
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Welcome to the site

Good luck with finding a kitten. Maybe these links will help...




Dottyspots Ocicats, Warwickshire, email dottyspots@btinternet.com
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