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My darling bebe, Roarie. Poor thing is in heat again (I swear she just was in heat a couple weeks ago... Maybe they cycle more often than I thought?). She's adorable, though, and I wanted an excuse to show her off anyway. Her fur I swear is just like rabbit fur (especially her tum-tum). Is there a particular breed that has that maybe? She's a mix, so not sure where she got it from.

She's one unique little kitty, at least to me she is, so here's a video of my baby. Again, I sound so cheesey in videos. Oh yeah, and 1337 ("LEET") makes an appearance in the beginning. Roarie wants him to "get on," but 1337 is fixed and a month or so younger than her and has no idea what she wants other than to play. (It's silly watching her scoot around to get her butt in his face) If you turn it up, you can hear her chirp... She does that even when not in heat, though.

The video's longer than it should be, but she's just so darned cute. =^__^= <3