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Rectal Temperature?

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Hi, My girl Dee Dee is presently in the last days of her pregnancy. She is round about day 59 and i read in some books somewhere that this is about the right stage to start taking her temperature. Now i don't want to go poking things up her bum if it's completely unnecessary but is it an effective and reliable way of predicting when the birth will happen? What sort of themometer would u use? I have a plastic digital one. How far does it go? How long for? Will it be uncomfortable for her? Is it even worth me attempting it? Any advice would be cool!
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Personally I wouldn't try a rectal temp without being shown by the vet how to do it.
I believe the temp drops below 100F before birth.
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I don't believe in rectal temps! It has never worked from me. What I usually do is wait for day 61 and watch my girls like a hawk thereafter.
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when lilly was roughly due i spent nearly my hole time in her birthing room. her first labour started at about 3 am. then when she got out and fell pregnant again , her labour started at 8pm. (shes now spayed) and so are her kittens.
some people like to set there alarm for every 1/2 hour , as this way they will be there there if any problems was to arise.
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when u say due, how near roughly? I have been getting up every 2 hours at the moment with her and i'm only on day 59!! I really don't want there to be any complications. I'm worried to death about going to work this week, I have tomorrow off but i bet the labour doen't start till later in the week. It's only 4 hours a day but knowing my luck thats when things with start. Do they normally girth birth at night or can they give birth during the day? What are the imminent signs?
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Imminent signs:

1. Nesting
2. Teats full of milk...if you milk her like a cow, milk would squirt...seriously!!!
3. Constant licking of her anus area
4. Loss of mucus plug (which would usually mean delivery within 24 hours)
5. Panting, lots of panting
6. Unless a LH cat, visible signs of contractions (you can see the coat ripple)
7. You can feel frantic kicking of the babies

Can't think of anymore right now, will get back to you soon!
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and on what day is this roughly?
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taking temps is easy as long as there is someone to gently hold her down. Use a digital thermometer, they fastest one is the best. Only the tip goes in, the metal tip, not much past that so maybe like a half an inch.
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Anytime past 61 - at least for me.

My girls are spot on 65!
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I don't have exact dates but she is roughly 59 days today maybe more but no less. She is restless today and keeps following me everywhere begging for treats. i just don't want her to give birth on her own and get into trouble.
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Has she been leading you back to the nesting site at all??? Or meowing for attention for no reason?
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No not really, she's very playful and affectionate today. i'm gonna try and see if i can express a drop of milk later when she's a bit calmer. she spends alot of time in her nesting room/box, but today shes just wandering around and not really settling.
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I just sent you a pm!!!
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Just an FYI if you decide to go the temperature route. You can buy thermometers now that have flexible probes that are much safer and I imagine a bit more comfortable. I bought one a couple years ago when one of my cats was really sick.
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When my cat Kali was pregnant about 5 weeks ago on the 60th day i started takin her temp it was 100 degrees and the 64th day i took it and it was 97 i took it in the morning and then again at night and it was still 97degrees the vet told me if it stays anywhere below 100 for a long period of time she will have them within 12 to 24 hours and the next day im daughter woke me up at 9 and said mommy Kalis breathing funny and i went to check on her she she was pushin a kitten out so watch ur baby really close now cuz it could happen when ur not expecting it......Good luck and have fun with the lil ones!
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Any news????
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no nothing as of yet! Its now day 60. Hopefully not much longer.
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Really, only worry if it's day 68! Some pregnancies do go onto 70 days and your not being sure of the date of mating may mean that she's not even at day 60 yet!!!

Hang in there, you're doing fine!
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Oh i do know that she's at least day 60. Wasn't sure if she was maybe a day or 2 more, i'm certain she is no less than 60 days.
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Oh i hope she has them soon for your sake and i know how you feel i had some gals on this site that was with me the whole time i was waiting for my baby Kali to have her babies....It is very exciting but the wait is what kills I hope to see pics when she does have them. Kali had hers right on day 65 so maybe she will have them on day 65 or maybe sooner good luck and sendin good vibes to you and ur baby.
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Thats very kind......she is so lumpy and uncomfortable. she hardly moves now. You can feel them really easily under her skin, you can almost grab paws and legs. There is one other thing i am curious about? Her mammory glands are very enlarged at one end but not very swollen at the other end. Is this normal? She really has licked the hair away from her nipples right by her back end but the ones from about half way up to her chest are only swollen a little bit. I'm just worried that she won't have enough milk when the kits arrive?
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Kali's teats was the same way she should be ok! Kali's kittens are fat and healthy! your just being a normal cat mommy "a worry wort"
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god i know!!! I need her to have this kittens soon for the sake of my own sanity! I am worrying about everything but mostly about her having them when i'm at work and not being there to help her. Lucky i only do a 4 hour shift a day and can get home in 10 minutes. As from tonight i'll be sleeping with her in the room i set up for her. I have been up checking on her hourly through the night almost, so i figured if i slept in the room where she was i can be around if she wants me to be. Would that work do u think? Its such a shame she can't talk then i'd leave my mobile for her to call me on lol
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i found with lilly that her back teats were always fuller then her front and bigger. the kittens used to fight over the back teats, we was ok as she only had 3 . but the bigger 2 always pushed the runt out of the way so every so often i would put the runt *forest* to the back teat just so she had a chance for the *best milk* lol
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Oh well i'm glad thats normal because i was a little concerned. I have bought a tub of Kitten Replacement milk anyway just incase. When should the milk come in do u think? I have been squeezing her teats gently and nothing so far. A friend of mine said it comes in on the day they are born but i thought it was meant to be a couple of days before the labour?
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Trust me dont take her temp it is so hard to do and drives the mom away If she does have them while you are away dont worry trust me she will do good.
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