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Ok, its done! All of you have received and read your PM's regarding the secret santa thread. So, my job is officially over now, I'm going to step down and let you all take the reigns now. Well, if you have any questions of course then feel free to PM me, but I think you are all set!!!!!!!!!!!

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ummmmm... I didn't get one...
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I sent your with Sandies' PM just to save on time. She didn't tell you? There were 2 addresses on her PM, one for her and one said "for Ken".
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Just PM'd it to you, Ken, directly this time. Sorry about that, I just figured she'd have given to you.
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Just wanted to say a big thank you to Daniela!!!
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You are very welcome! It was fun coordinating it, and getting to talk by PM with so many of the members!! I just hope the rest of the process goes smoothly and everyone mails their cards on time!!!

Thanks to all of you for participating!!!!!!
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WhooooHoooo! Went shopping last night. My Secret Santa job is done!!! Mailing it out next week! This is fun.

Thanks for the hard work Daniela!

I'm considering doing this at work (We're 85). Thinking of organising it myself. Any advice? I think it would be fun plus....we are all in the same building so it should go smoothly. I'm just not quite sure how to pair everyone up. Do you just pick out of a hat?
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Well, I know that Hissy last year did pick out of a hat I am pretty sure. But I didn't do it that way.

I randomly wrote everyone's name on a list ( not in any order ) and just sent everyone the name that was below them. The last person on the list got the first person at the top when I was done.
I did do a little 'cheating' for a couple of people who had specific requests ( religious ones ) but other than that my motto was "you get who you get".

Go ahead and organize it! It'll be fun!!
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When we had secret santa at work they put up a box and anyone who wanted to participate put their names in it. On a designated date, a couple weeks later, the person who was organizing took the box, walked around, and anyone who had participated pulled one name out of the box. A date was picked to be the Secret Santa exchange day, and that was that! Oh - I forgot. We picked an upper limit for how much everyone could spend.

Daniela, thanks so much. I think it turned out to be more work than you initially bargained for, but this holiday season is more exciting for it! Thanks again for all,

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Just wanted to say thank you Daniela, you have done such a great job!!! I don't envy you having to deal with everyone's specific requests...you have done an amazing job!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!
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Started Secret Santa at work. People seem to be happy about it. I'll see how many sign up and then decide which way to do it.
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