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Stupid people!

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Ya'll I am getting so frustrated at work! There is a guy tat brings me a bunch of orders for the smae buildings. The last 2 days he has been screwing stuff up. Putting wrong building numbers and quantities and all kinds of stupid mistakes. He doesn't care cause all he has to do is throw the bad paper work out but I have to do twice the work! Voiding out bad orders and resubmitting the corrected invoices! Why can't he doubly check before he gives them to me!
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Some people are just too lazy Brandi
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I think its just the warehouse guys! I keep getting calls to ask if I have input orders. They get the print outs. Check the computer before calling me and asking me 100 questions. I have other stuff to do. And god forbid I call and ask them if someone has had thier order picked up. they won't answer me so I can't answer the customer!
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Does this guy not have a line manager you can speak to?
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Sounds like my work!

I just got an email that our workers decided that doing the jobs in reverse order made more sense and now we have all the customers complaining and they say its too late to change the order now as they are on the road and it would waste too much time to coem back this way and start the route again

They are all idiots!
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