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Do you donate blood? Do you know your blood type? - Page 3

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I used to know what my blood type was, but I don't remember any more.
I'm under the weight limit they have set so I can't donate.
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I'm O-... I don't donate because I'm terrified of needles.. I will at the sight of one!

But I have tattoos and piercings..Figure that out

Both my boys are O-.. DH is A+
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I forget what blood type I am.

So far as donating blood goes, I did it once in high school and never again. I hate needles and my veins are really hard to find and they have to dig and dig and poke numerous times in order to find a vein for a simple blood test.

Since 2004 when I got sick I've had to have a multitude of blood tests that I've gotten over the fear of the needle, but it's still hard to find my veins. Even if I wanted to donate now I don't think i'm even a candidate at this point in time to be a blood donor because I'm anemic and taking medication that would be transferred into the blood.

I do applaud those who do donate blood though. It's a vital necessity for some people and without the selfless individuals who go and give up a pint or 2 of their own, so many people would die.
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I have A+.I use to donate blood.But, I have some liver levels that are concerning and can't donate now.
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Originally Posted by amitya View Post
Im O- and donate platelets twice a week. I usually donate a triple or quad (3 or 4 bags of platelets) each time. I have good clotting factor. They love me.

I also will donate RBCs when needed but do not donate whole blood. It drains me too much. Plus i love the nice cozy recliners, internet/dvd chairs and all the nice attention
I asked earlier but it got buried. What is involved in donating platelets and how is it different from donating blood?
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I grew up in Scandinavia so I'm not allowed to give blood because of the angry cow or something like that. I have always wanted to donate blood. It seems like such a small thing to do that could mean so much to someone else

. When I worked at the office my company held blood drives every other month. What I really hate is that no matter how hard I tried to explain it people would still give me crap about not donating! I finally posted the brochure at my desk so people could read it for themselves. Then I went up to confirm. I filled out all the forms, checked all the boxes, and got a slip of paper with the whole Europe thing checked. I posted that on my wall and was only harrassed via e-mail.

Some of the HR people were really nasty about it though. They'd send e-mails saying "I noticed you didn't sign up for the blood drive. I'll come down and arrange a time." Can you imagine how awfull it would be for someone who couldn't donate because of a disease that they didn't want to tell everyone about? Grrr!

Well when they figure out the whole mad cow thing, and allow me to donate, I will be in line as often as they allow.
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Wow! I can't imagine an employer being so nasty about not participating in a blood drive...especially when you're not allowed. I would think that would be against the HIPAA laws that restrict discussion of medical conditions.

We have blood drives at work, too. There's no pressure, though. Those who want to help out but can't (or don't want to) donate can opt to help work at the blood drive instead, so everyone has a chance to participate.
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I'm A+, I donate whenever the bloodmobile comes to my work. I like getting new t-shirts. Although last time I donated the nurse was kinda mean. I tried to look at the bag as it was filling and she yelled at me to sit back. They email me frequently but when I don't go in, they taper off. I think they try to call me but I don't answer since I'm usually asleep during the day, as I work 2nd shift. I carry my blood card, and no one cares that I know my blood type.
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Originally Posted by twstychik View Post
I asked earlier but it got buried. What is involved in donating platelets and how is it different from donating blood?
I found this, I hope it helps you, I have never donated platelets before, I always donate whole blood. I think that this procedure takes about 2 hours to do though.

How does the Procedure Work?

Blood is drawn from your arm through sterile tubing into a centrifuge. The centrifuge spins the blood to separate the components, which vary in weight and density. A port is opened along the spinning tubing at the level containing platelets. These platelets are drawn into a collection bag, while the remaining blood components (red cells and plasma) are returned to you through your other arm.
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