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Work on your birthday?

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This sucks, I'm at work on my birthday does anyone else work on their birthday?
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When it falls on a work day yep. This year it was on a Sunday. THat means next year it will be a work day! oh well. Those are the years I celebrate all week!

By the way! Happy Birthday!
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Yup - just about every year! You get used to it and do your celebrating on the weekend, if you're so inclined.
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I always book my birthday off in advance to avoid the cards and presents thing- or worse the constant attempts to arrange to go out for a drink ]
It might seem bad but the last place I'd want to be on the night of my birthday is out with work collegues
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Hope you had a great birthday

It was my birthday yesterday and I had to work on my birthday too. I don't get the option to book the day off otherwise my students would have nobody to teach them.

Still, it's better than teaching from 9 am - 9 pm, I've had to do that on my birthday before; that was really miserable
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I'm often at work on my birthday, I guess it's just one of those things.
Oh well, I'll be off home in a minute!
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Is this where we give Jessy birthday greetings?

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wow, thank you, that's brilliant!!!
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happy birthday , sorry you had to work through it .
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I think every adult works on their birthday..don't they?
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unless they book it off , on a day when they dont work , but then if you have a house kids and animals , work never stops lol
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Happy Birthday!

My bday is on Monday and I know I'm gonna have to work... wah!
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I always take my birthday off. Last year it was the Friday before Christmas!

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I worked on my 20th birthday last year. It wasn't fun because I was all alone and really grumpy.
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I did for a half day this past year, but that's because I had nothing better to do than hang out with 245 cats. I mean, many of us would turn down and opportunity to hang out with 245 cats for a couple hours on our birthday?
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It was great when I was in Public School I always had my birthday and the week around it off because it fell in March Break now that i'm an adult no more vacation birthday. Too bad.... Beware the ides of March!
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Happy birthday!!!
Sorry you have to work on your birthday, bummer.
I try to work on my birthday but it works out that I never have to.
I make the schedule and I work it so that I can work if they let me but then it changes so I get the day off. Hey I'm not complaining but I'd work if I had to. DH works during the day on my b-day so why not work? It's either that, or house cleaning, and we all know how much housecleaning gets done when TCS overrules! LOL!
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Happy Birthday!!

I don't mind working on my birthday - I have a great team, and we always have cakes and sweets!!
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I always take the day off. Or the day before/after if it falls on the weekend.

I miss one place I worked for. They would give your birthday to you as an extra holiday that you could take anytime during the month of your birthday.
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I don't normally work on my birthday, it falls in the summer, and for the last two years I have taken the summer off at the day care.
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My birthday falls close enough to Christmas that some years the school is closed by then -- and when it's not, I take an extra day or two out of vacation or accumulated time. I haven't worked on my birthday for years...

Many Happy Returns, Jessy!
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom View Post
When it falls on a work day yep.
when i worked at an airline, we got our birthday off as a holiday, but i've never gotten it off anywhere else except thru happenstance. mine's on a tuesday this year, so i'll be working on it!
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I guess I'm lucky....I enjoy working on my Birthday. My co-workers are awesome. I always get a good free lunch and they all give me nice gifts. Of course I do the same for them. Usually whoever's BD it is comes in to find thier office space all decorated. We totally ambushed one guys office a few weeks ago. It was great! Bad part, we have 3 birthdays next month!!!
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I almost always work on my birthday. It's always just before our big annual meeting at work, so there's usually little hope of getting it off.
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Thanks everyone
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Well this year, I am coming off a night shift on my birthday, going onto a 3 day weekend off, . I used to work for a company (one that I loved working for too), that used to give you your birthday off paid. You were removed from the call in list that day so you could sit and enjoy "your day". Loved working for that compnay, too bad they closed.
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