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Off to the vets....

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... with Elli, ( ) a dog that is at the rescue.
She was given up just over a month ago, by a family that didn't care about her anymore. She's 8 years old, a border collie X shepherd.
The reason she was given up was because the lady kept her chained outdoors all the time and she barked. So she got fined for it, and then was going to get fined again if the problem didn't stop. So instead of bringing her in the house, she released her to us.
She also had what we thought was a very bad bladder infection. The vet gave us 14 days worth of antibiotics for her. But she still had a LOT of blood in her urine.

We took her back on friday for her booster shot and the other vet felt her belly.. and he's sure there's large stones in there. I took her out and got a urine sample so he could look at it and see if it was the type that could be desolved with food, but it's not.
So today I am taking her in to have xrays done, and hopefully the surgery as well. ($800-$1000+, most likely )

Let's hope everything goes well, and she doens't have any problems going under.
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i hope everything goes well at the vets. and hope they get all the stones.
poor thing has been through so much. least shes loved and warm now.
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Poor baby

People really make me sick sometimes!
Many vibes to Elli {{{}}}
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We had an appointment with 2 cats for vaccinations this afternoon, and they had just finished the surgery when we got there.

The size of these bladder stones are amazing! I'll get pictures of them tonight to show. He even showed us the xrays. Poor girl!

The vet had nothing but good things to say about this dog though.. he thinks she is a great dog and that she should be a great pet for somebody once this is fully cleared up.
She is going to have to be on a prescription diet for the rest of her life now, so the stones don't come back.

We don't have a price tag on this yet.. but I imagine it's close to $1000!
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Poor girl. It's a good thing her "owner" gave her up...hopefully she can have a good life once the stones are gone!
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im so happy that everything went well. poor thing.
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I am glad that Eli is doing well, and I really really really hope that he finds a forever home soon.
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Aww she's a beautiful pup, i hope everything goes well
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Here are pictures of the stones. I put them on a $20 so you could see the size.
They feel like a rock you would find on a beach or something.

We are picking her up tomorrow afternoon.
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I'm not sure how big your money is compared to American paper money, but they look huge!!! Poor thing! She looks so sweet and just thoes eyes have got me! Just sweet eyes!
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OMG!! those stones are huge!! Thank goodness you guys have rescued her
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Eli is just beautiful, I do hope that she gets to feeling better soon.
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