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Spaz, my NFC, gets a bath once a year after she gets sheared.
She's old, doesn't groom well and will attack you if you try maintenance brushing/combing.

The others gets baths when they get into something.
They are all accustomed to it, and while they don't like it, they don't fight it either.
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No I have never bathed Misty except when she was a kitten and that was 14 years ago. She would scratch my eyes out if I tried now.
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Squee loves water but I haven't bathed her since we got her in December. Scratch hates water and I've bathed her a few times--once when she went missing and another time when it was so hot outside she was almost panting. But other than that, no. Scratch is a clean freak and has the nicest fur I've ever felt on a cat.
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Yes. About every 12 weeks, or sooner if we need to. Sometimes, they get into stuff and you've just got to give them a bath. In our case, more of a shower. One of ours is 16 and is beginning to stink more frequently.

We lay a towel on the bottom of the laundry tub, so they can get a good grasp and they don't fight as much that way. We have used all sorts of shampoo over the years. Right now I don't know what is by the sink, and I'm too tired to go downstairs and look -- but its something mild.

We have a hose that fits at the end of the faucet. At the other end of it is a little shower head thingie. Makes it easier.

A second towel is placed on top of the washing machine that we place the cat onto after their shower.

A third towel is warmed in the clothes dryer. The cats like to be held, wrapped in and then dried with the warm soothing towel.

Darn cats have it better than us.

They still don't like the ordeal, or understand it.
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