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cat needs to gain weight

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I have a female cat, Molly who's about a year and a half now. I feel like she needs to gain some weight. She was the runt of the litter, when she was 3 months old the vet thought she was a couple of weeks. So, she's a tiny cat. She's also still very active. She's on a dry food only diet. When she was a kitten she ate wet food but around 6 months she wouldn't eat it and we experimented with all different flavors, textures &brands to no avail. Recently we tried the wet food again but she won't really eat anything we've bought. Is there any dry food that could help her gain? Tips on getting her to eat some wet food, and what kind? Anything else we can try? Thanks
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Kitten food is the most fattening. If you already have her on kitten food I dont really have much more for suggestions. I dont know of anything else that could get her to eat wet food if she doesn't want to...Best of luck to you!
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Talk with a vet ... often something like nutrical can help.... kitten food is good as long as it is quality
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As Sharky said work with a vet because you don't want her to gain too much weight & become over weight. My last cat would not touch wet food with a 10 foot pole. Some cats just don't like it. The other thing that comes to my mind, but I don't know if this a good idea or not given her age is KMR (A mothers milk replacement??? (Ask a vet)
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I would try her again on some wet food. The experts are now saying an all dry food diet is not the best for a cat. They are more likely to develop urinary crystals. I'm feeding Jake Innova Evo because I wanted him to gain some more weight. And he did! Evo is mostly meat with no grain and a bit of veggies.
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