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I dropped a cassorole dish while trying to find spaghetti noodles and it some how cut my foot and my leg and it hurts. And of course I had to walk across carpet with a bleeding foot to get to a washrag to clean them. I think my kitchen decided to attack me. Although in the morning I will be doing more stuff in there.
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That sounds painful! Be careful and I hope it isn't too bad.
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awww bless your heart be sure to keep the cuts really clean and put some neosporin on it so it won't get infected
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
awww bless your heart be sure to keep the cuts really clean and put some neosporin on it so it won't get infected

Is it feeling any better??
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Ouchie!! Hope it feels better soon.
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Ouchy!! That sounds painful, hope it feels better soon
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Please be careful in there!

Hilda >^..^<
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Ouch, hope u feel better soon and be careful now
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Yes the kitchen is indeed the most dangerous room in the house, but it has a nice fresh feel to it.
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I hope your foot is feeling better today, keep an eye on it though so it doesn't get infected.
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Oh thank you everyone for the concern my foot is a bit sore but more itchy than anything. I was a bit worried at first about glass still being in it but it wasn't as bad as it looked last night with the blood and stuff on it and then after I cleaned it up it stopped being sore as long as I stayed down but I tend to not be able to sit still. Last night Lilly decided to crawl to the foot of my bed and then she started licking my sore not sure how she knew it was sore. But it seems to have done the trick it doesn't even really hurt now. I blistered my hand too when I went to move the sauce on the stove some of it popped onto my hand so I really think my kitchen had enough of me yesterday. But its not the first time I've gotten burned while cooking and won't be the last and its not the first time I've gotten cut either while cooking. Although it is the first time my foot got cut while I was cooking.
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You have to pick up some of those silicone hot mitts, pads and there is another one that you stick your fingertips in and up to to check (or I do anyway) casseroles in the oven). Those products all work great!!
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Glad to hear your foot feels better :o)
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