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Ouch!?! At least he doesn't claw up your leg to see what your cooking like my Angel does! I really need to trim her claws again... How much are those nail caps and how hard are they to put on? I'd love to get pink ones for Angel to match her pink collar!
Oh if I have fish or something he will not hesitate to crawl up my leg! lol. And that scratch left a huge scar on me btw.

The caps cost about $13 dollars from JeffersPet and their about the same as putting fake nails on you. All you do is cut the nails down a bit. Insert the glue cap into the fake nail and squeeze a generous amount of glue. Then put on and hold for a few seconds so it bonds.

If your cat is a squirmer have someone hold him while you do it. The hardest part is juggling a cat that doesn't want it and getting the glue in the nail.. So enlist help.