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Update on Mugzy

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All the test for Mugzy came back normal. The vet could only guess that its her old age and that she's having pain from her old age. Or that she could be having anxiety. The top worse thing that could be going on is that her breast cancer has spread to other parts of her body. Which I hope that isn't true but it most likely is true.

The vet gave up some pain meds and so far she's doing better. So we'll see how it improves. If not she'll be going back for a few more test and x-rays.

So, we'll see how things continue to go.
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Good luck with Mugzy
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I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers that she continues to improve.
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Mugzy is doing good, but she's sleeping a lot with the pain meds. Personally I think it's more than usual or I am paying too close attention. Especially since you can lift up body parts and she just lays there and looks at you.

I don't know, she's still panting. We still have to do a urine sample, which made up cracking up laughing when they told us how to get it. Lets just say she's going to the vet for the sample.

So, keep her in your prayers still.
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Aw, poor Mugzy. I am sending prayers for her{{{{}}}
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Sending lots of good vibes to Mugzy.
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Today my dad put her on a half of pill and she's a lot more active. Panting is still there, but she's up and moving now.

LOL, she pushed me off the couch doing her digging in the blanket thing she does. She starts at one end of the couch and works her way to the other end and back again. All the well digging into the blanket.

Right now the snow is up to her belly when she goes out. She's more active now too.
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Sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for Mugzy, I hope she continues to recover.

Please keep us posted on how she is doing.

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Sending good wishes for Mugzy!
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Mugzy is continue improving. It seems with the half pill she's is more active. She's back to hogging the bed and snuggling closer. So, lets hope this keeps going. She's also hogging the fleece blanket my bf made for me. LOL.
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