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the Daily Thread Tuesday Feb 13

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Morning Cat Peeps!

Nice warm start to what is forecast to be a rainy day here. Then more cold.

But today is "Last Warning for Men that It's Almost Valentine's Day"! No picture, but I can imagine the chaos.

Have a good one!
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Good morning everyone, coffee is ready
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Morning ladies It's lovely and sunny here today and quite mild!

My conservatorys being started this week so i can't wait for that to be finished and the girls can watch the birds in the back garden a lot better
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Morning! Speaking quietly. Don't wish to disburb the lovely serenity of early morn.

Fell asleep at ten so have been up since 3:30am. That's quite enough sleep for old-timers. Actually got up when my pillow ran away. Well, really it was Canyon. I was lying on my side, raised up to cough and turned to the other side when I lay back down. Little did I know that Canyon was on that side. My head touched down and he shot off like a rocket. He musta been fast asleep. He came back in and asked what the h*ll did I think I was doing!
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Well it is raining here, and it is thundering and lightning too.

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Gotta get ready to go greet the little rug rats, I hope everyone has a great day, C U when I get home this evening.

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Good morning!

Were bracing for impact here this morning. Expecting a possible 50 cm of snow by tomorrow morning. I'm just in the process of calling my students and telling them to stay at home.

Guess I'll be hanging out with my TCS friends today
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Good Morning. Well Iguess good monring. I had to bad cats last night. Scratching at the door to be let in! Then Lee made me late for work again! Stinker better get his butt out of bet a little earlier and take a shorter shower!!

Have a Great Valentine's Eve Day!!
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Good chilly morning. Its just zero here brrrrrr. Its a exciting day for me. I'm going with my son and daughter inlaw at 10.00 am for the babies sonagram and they said today they will be able to tell us if its a boy or a girl.My 1st grandchild is due in July. Keep your fingers crossed for me that is a girl!
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The cold weather is due this afternoon, but the approaching system is making my arm ache.

Nothing to do today but stay out of the rain and talk to my fellow cat crazies at TCS.
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Morning. I'm in the hole again....but not for long.

I am taking some time off starting tomorrow and won't be back to work until next Tuesday.

It's 38 or so here, heading for a high of 68 or so. Traffic is terrible the snowbirds are all down here. My 85 year old next door neighbor had her first car accident yesterday. She is just desolate.
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Its a cloudy day today as mere snow flurries are expected. (bummer)
The Florida citrus semi is in the area this am so I will be buying some oranges and grapefruit. Then off to bakery to buy some VD treats!!. Zoom back home then up to hospital for a visit.
Not much else going on here!!

For the the lucky people getting the snow-stay safe!!
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So today I woke up to two kitties scratching and crying at the bedroom door instead of my alarm.After I got my coffee I look outside to see flurries and a coating on the ground. What happened to snow tonight?! It's going ot be a wintry mix the next 24 hours.
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Morning all! It's supposed to get to about 57 F here today, so not too bad.

The kitties have had their morning snuggle (and I snapped the cutest pic of Smudge lying across her daddy's face), and I'm about to get ready for work.

I came home sick yesterday, so hopefully I'll be feeling much better today!
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Morning all my fellow cat fanciers.

Its a cold day today GO figure!!

Not much on the agenda today~take my daughter to Dr later this afternoon.

Hope everyone has a GREEEEEAT day!!!

*EDIT* Did I fail to mention it was spitting snow??
Good grief.....I thought I said I WAS tired of snow!!
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