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Mechanic grrrrr

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About 3 weeks ago 'our' car (hubbie drives it not me but it's ours) had it's MOT, few little tweaks here and there and it passes.. YEAH!!!!!

3 days after MOT, rattling noise when driving.... not all the time but some. Car back to garage. Exhaust and catalytic convertor checked... all fine. May need to be replaced in a year or so but it's fine.

Today.. 10.45am... husband arrives home... now he's supposed to be at work... guess what???!!!! The catalytic convertor had 'died' and he had to get the RAC to get him home and then arrange a courtesy car for the time our car is being fixed.

I told him something was wrong with it... but no I know nothing about cars....

Sorry needed to have a little rant.
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Go ahead, you're entitled to it!

Hope they find out whatever is wrong with it soon.

Hilda >^..^<
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well, always trust your instincts. guess you nailed that one. Hope you get it back in a timely fashion, and since you had it at the shop fairly recently hopefully you get a bit off the bill too. just a thought.
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Argh, car problems are the worst!! Good luck with that
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