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Hi, all! Hope you are all doing well. As some of you may remember, our Spock had severe pancreatitis and diabetes with ketoacidosis back in December. His glucose levels tend to fluctuate - for a while he was on 2 units of insulin twice a day, now he's on 1 unit once a day. I don't like taking him to the vet for testing every week. It's stressful on him AND on the wallet. I have a glucometer, and I want to do the tests at home. I've read that blood can be drawn from the tiny vein in the ear, but I'm not sure how to do that without any syringes. Does anyone use the lancet on their kitties? If so, where to you do it? How well does kitty tolerate it? If not the lancet, any other recommended methods of obtaining the blood sample? Thanks! - oh, and I forgot to mention, we switched all of the cats to Evo wet and dry - the dry has only 7% carbs! My vet said that had to be a misprint.... Wrong!