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Star Wars vs. Star Trek

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12- In the Star Wars universe, weapons are rarely, if ever, set on "stun."
11- The enterprise needs a huge engine room with an anti-matter unit and a
crew of 20 just to go into warp -- the Millenium Falcon does the same thing
with R2-D2 and a Wookie.
10- After resisting the Imperial torture droid and Darth Vader, Princess
still looks fresh and desirable -- after pithy Cardassian starvation
torture, Picard looks like hell.
9- Jabba the Hutt would eat Harry Mudd for trying to cut in on his action.
8- Luke Skywalker is not obsessed with sleeping with every alien he
7- One word: lightsabers.
6- The Federation would have to attempt to liberate any ship named Slave I.
5- The Death Star doesn't care if the Earth is class M or not.
4- Darth Vader could choke the entire Borg empire with one glance.
3- Picard pilots through the Enterprise through an asteroid belt at
one-quarter inpulse power. Han Solo floors it.
2- Aliens have make-up in other places besides their foreheads.
1- Death Star vs. Enterprise.
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That's great! I'll have to forward that to hubby, a moderate Star Trek fan, and a HUGE Star Wars fan.
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12- I think of "stun" as kind of like rubber bullets - you don't always have to kill!
11- Not gonna argue - it is older technology. Look at IBM of 1950!
10- I don't consider Picard part of Star Trek. That's some sort of twilight zone thing where there's another show with the same name as the show from the 60s that I love. Kirk is rarely mussed and Uhura always looks great!
9- Not gonna argue with that one either!
8- Kirk was living in the 60s, what do you want?
7- Giving you this one too!
6- Once they won the rebel uprising
5- ?????
4- Spock could take on Darth Vader any day, and Kirk could outmaneuver anyone Star Wars threw at him.
3- Kirk whips Picard's a$$!
2- Movie budgets vs. TV budgets
1- Galileo vs. Death Star!

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I have to go with Star Wars, although I love Star Trek, too. As for #3, everyone should realize that Han Solo is a god.
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Love Han! LOVED Star Wars. Fabulous entertainment. One of the great SciFi movie series of movies of all time. I'm SOOOOO bummed that the actors in Star Wars, episode one, are so terrible. Just un-necessary. The story was great, the film was great - but there are people out there with talent. Why ruin it?

I love both series of movies for completely different reasons. But if I was left on a deserted island and I had to pick, I'd have to go with Star Trek.
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My kitties name is Jedi...need I say more???
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I love Star Wars, but I have to go with Star Trek
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Star Wars is great fantastic fun.....and I'm one who does not critisize Episodes 1 or 2, but on a desert island? Trek all the way.....if for no other reason than there are many more episodes and movies to watch!!!!!

BTW, Darth Vader is NO match for Q! And although it is a brilliant concept, Corusant is just plain depressing. An entire planet covered by a city????? Tatooine....another great vacation spot. Dagobah outdoes even Florida for humidity.
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