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Face Cleaning?

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I've always read that cats are solitary animals and don't like to be around each other n blah blah blah, but i've noticed lately that my mama and her 6 month old kittens are very close... and they love to sit n cuddle, and especially to bathe each other. They tend to take turns washing each others faces (and other hard to reach spots)

So my first question is, is this bonding behavior, affection, etc (im thinking yes)?

And two, when i interupt them, mama and the dominant male kitten, Remi, both have a tendency to come over and purr and cuddle, and try to help me wash MY face. What's with that? Do they think im part of their happy little cat family? Is it a dominance thing? (Remi and mama (Sylvie) are both very dominant, while the other two (digby quinn and catalina) are more submissive, although they still have strong attitudes )

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Oh course it's affection!

If they can show us affection they can obviously show it to each other and other animals (some kitties love their dogs).
I've noticed that mother cats usually have a favorite kitten too, this one is usually the dominant kitten or in some cases it may be the only female kitten in a litter.

I have a semi feral that I feed outside who's year and a half old son still follows her around like a kitten. He makes no moves toward her like another male cat would, and if she bops him over the head he acts so sad and upset.

I've had another cat years ago that we kept one of her kittens, she bossed him around too and he didn't mind it at bit. He really seemed to adore his mother and groom her quite often.
Feral cats have bonds within their groups too, a bit like a lion pride. Daughters, mothers, and sisters will stick together. And sometimes males will bond together, as long as they're not urged to fight. My boys, Sho 4 years old and Tomas 5 months always groom each other, play together, and sleep together.
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My kittens are best friends. They're like this . Sometimes they're apart but if ones goes "missing" (napping in the other room) for too long the other will cry until the missing one comes running. I think it's the sweetest thing ever and am so glad I've got two who can get on so well together. Solitary animals? Not my kitties!

I've often thought my cats think of me as a funny looking cat. They treat me the same way they treat each other: trying to clean my ears, climbing up on to me and flopping down in a big pile, nudging my nose with theirs in greeting, etc etc etc. I suspect they think I have some "magical powers" though, because I distribute their food and treats and can control the water from the taps. I swear the first time Nigel saw me turn on the tap he looked at me with awe. Other than that, I'm just a regular, giant, bald cat in their books.
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-grin- thats cute. Thanks for the responses guys. I was just curious if other cats did this.... my only other cat had cancer pretty much her whole life, she was much more laid back than this bunch.

Its something new everyday! (ie today im trying to re-win digby cuz apparently ive done something to offend him ?!?!?!)

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wow. you should tape that and upload it.
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My 3 cats will be sleeping on our bed and for no reason at all the Male Kittin will approach and start licking on of the female's foreheads. The after a few seconds he will walk away and go back to sleep.

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