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Kitty run real fast at stairs....

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...kitty bounce off stairs! What next?

Kitty run real fast at stairs....kitty bounce off stairs!

What next?

Kitty run real fast at stairs....kitty bounce off stairs!

And to think Dorian's one of the "normal" ones.... Am I the only one with a cat of Dorian's............caliber? He never even bothered to pick up his feet, just hit the stairs & bounced off....I believe there's a toy there that instigated this whole thing.....
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I know exactly what you mean

Diesel stares at the wall for a few minutes, then jumps up 6 feet and bounce of the thing like he has springs in his feet
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heeh, heyu did something like that he other night, she kept jumping up at the wall and meowing, and there was nothign there
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Stumpy goes tearing around the house and leaps up walls as high as she can. She's so weird.

Tonight she went climbing up the bike rack again (this is her a previous time)

and it freaks me out because she climbs so high, and literally climbs up the bikes themselves. But she got stuck tonight, so I went to rescue her and she thought she was getting in trouble, so tried to quickly jump down as I got close, fell and landed awkwardly on the lower bikes!

I grabbed her and made sure she was ok, and the stupid cat was just purring at me. I swear that cat has no brain sometimes....
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I just watched Tomas smack into the side of the bed three times.
jump.... bounce off, repeat

We recently added some thick memory foam mattress toppers to it (sooo comfy ) and I guess he's not used to the bed being quite so tall.

He's also tried to jump head first into the tv after his reflection.
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I once witnessed Radar leap from the arm of the sofa to the bookcase - and hit a row of CDs headfirst and bounce off. Why he was leaping headfirst into a full shelf rather than into one of the gaps we leave for him I can't fathom
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Ferris just keeps falling off of things. He falls off the couch seat, the back of the couch, my bed, the cat trees ... if he can get on top of it, he can fall off of it.

As I said in another post, he doesn't simply move forward, he ooooozes forward, and he is very "drapey," draping himself so well that instead of bothering to get up to get off of something, he just rolls himself over the edge.
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Spaz and Vash both stare up at blank walls and talk to them.

And at almost 3 years old, Vash is still fascinated by his own tail and will tumble down the stairs trying to catch it.
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We have a sliding glass door in the kitchen with vertical blinds in front of it. Reeses will run from the living room into the kitchen, slide across the floor and crash into the blinds repeatedly. We get up in the morning the blinds are a mess
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The cats were hyper when i left this morning.

So I fed them catnip before I left. B still had to get up
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Chessy will lay on the edge of a table, not realizing he is on the edge I guess, and then roll right off!
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Oh Natalie...I am laughing so hard.. Thank you for that mental imagine
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Well, at least Dorian's not the only dumb kitty on TCS!
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All of our kitty's are a bit silly!!!!! Stumpy constantly rolls off things by accident as well. Lily's the most coordinated of our 3 by far!

Oh and Smudge - she never jumps straight off the scratching post which has 3 levels. She jumps from the top level to the middle level, to the window sill, to the bottom level, then finally the ground!!! It's so funny to watch her when she's in a rush! She can certainly jump from the middle level to the ground easily, and definitely from the window sill to the ground easily (that's only a foot high or so), but she chooses to make 5 jumps instead....
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