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Mr. Mushi Face

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So I found some pics of my Mushi in my camera while uploading and such.
I'll have more to come. & Kipper too. 'Cept he's kinda camera shy, and likes to kick it in the outside hallway.

Sorry they are so dark. He blinks with the flash like perfectly, so I had to turn it off so ya'll could see his bluuuue eyes.
Oh & that's my daughter hugging him. They got a special bond. It's adorable.
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what a cuddle-bug

at 1st glance the 1st photo looks like a tufty earred owl -cool
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Awwww, he's so cute!! I love the last one of her hugging him- adorable!
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He's so cute!
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Aaawww...You guys are so nice!!
He totally knows hes adorable.
He walks around like he's a fairy princess. It's true.
I can't wait to get some more pics of him and Kipper. They don't much get togethe often. Kipper has turned odd...He doesnt like Mushi anymore. I think they had a "falling out" or a "squabble" that must be unforgiven.
But I'll have more pics soooon!!!!
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Mushi is the cutest name for a cat, I love it!! And he is beautiful.
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Hey Leah! Where've u been girly?! Mr. Mushi looks handsome as usual!
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Awww, what a pretty kitty
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Mushi has the most adorable owly face...such a cute expression!
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AWW Leah- he is such a cutie pie!!! Hehe i just wanna give him a hug!
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