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More hugs for you and Lone. Your baby has been through so much. At least you'll be able to visit her at the vet's office now.
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[quote=KittE;1582577]ok, correction to previous update, the second CSF shows unusual stuff.. I forget what, bit of a brain fart happening at the time... but I do remember it was nothing that would help them to pinpoint why she has no motor skills at all.

I just finished reading this thread and my heart goes out to you, Lone and Spaz. I will say some prayers for all of you and hope everything gets better, or at least as good as it can.

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For all of your kind words, vibes and sending of light etc

Well.. Lone spent one night here before I decided I'd bother her too much by checking on her every 10 minutes or so.. she gave us a couple of scares in the first three hours she was home.

We moved her from under my desk at my feet, where I could keep an eye on her while trying to distract myself playing online games quietly, into the bathroom which is next to our bedroom and have Spaz separated from her while she got rest and quiet...

First, she toppled into her water dish (had only about a cm of water in it) and nearly drowned (must say she loved the rub down with the towel after that one..)

Second, she had half dragged herself into her litter tray, I'd propped her up (she could stay propped!!! woohoo!!) until she went to get out on her own and toppled head first onto the floor, chin and throat on floor and her body followed over the top... omg, I swear I nearly had a heartattack just as I caught her before she broke her neck...

and she tires so easily she can haul herself nearly into the litter tray before she gives up and just pees on her towel instead... but at least she tries!!! she's such a good girl, hates making a mess anywhere other than the litter tray..

Spaz is still searching for her, especially at night.

That was one and a half days ago... this morning when I woke up, I automatically reached out for her as she usually sleeps beside my pillow where she can get instant skritches when she wants them (yeah I know, I'm a pushover for her). Spent too long in the shower after that trying to compose myself for the day. Don't spend enough time sleeping and when I do get sleep, it's not restful. I worry too much... I know I shouldn't, time will tell and time heals as they say.

It's now been 10 days, and I've been unable to visit her today (it being Sunday). Can't wait for Monday morning!!!! visit time...

All the vets and vet nurses she's been in contact with love her as much as is possible after only a day or three in their care.. she's so sweet-natured, she'll only growl and hiss, doesn't bite or scratch. They all laugh when I get out her slicker brush and put it on the table and she starts trying to brush herself with it (don't start picturing her holding in between her paws like we would! lol)

I'll keep updating everytime there's something else to add...

Thanks again to you all, I don't know what I would have done with myself without this outlet for my angst and sadness, I'm so glad I found it, so very very glad.
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Fingers crossed for her.
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I just came across this thread; poor Lone! And poor you; I know how exhausted you must be. You just don't rest well when your baby is sick, do you?
Unfortunately, I have no advice, but I wanted to send loads of (((((healing vibes))))) to Lone. Bless her little heart, I do hope she starts to improve soon. And please be good to yourself, too; she's going to need you to continue to be strong for her. Please give her a good head skritching for me when you see her, and pass along one to Spaz, too. Poor little thing must be so lonely without his big "sister".
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Visited Lone today.. and YAY!!! she's managing a lot more than she was with her front legs.. can take a few steps before toppling over - not normal steps like a healthy cat, but loads more than she was two days ago..

Time for CAKE and COFFEE

She still has trouble making it to the litter tray, and I've mentioned to the vet that her rear end is a little sensitive.. which isn't normal... so they'll keep an eye on that as she may be getting urine burn...

I can just imagine them trying to bathe her with fully functioning legs, it aint fun rofl... she loves to play with water and will watch a tap dripping for hours on end... but give her a sink or tub full and it's a different matter altogether lol Lucky for them (in a way) that she doesn't have full use of her legs

So all the vibes and well-wishes are doing her a world of help.. thank you thank you thank you!!!
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You know, I didn't want to say anything too early, but I know of at least 2 cats who have had a reaction to shots. My cat - all she had was that she slept A LOT for about 3 weeks. I mean eat and sleep and that was it! And another member's cat was very lethargic too. I am wondering and hoping it is due to the vaccination. There are some places here in the US that don't advocate vaccinations for very elderly cats.

I REALLY hope Lone continues to improve.
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Yep, the specialists didn't rule it out, it's just one that they haven't heard of it if was one... a Stroke is a very serious reaction - not that the tumors etc aren't..

But yes, it appears as though she's getting better... and her first check up after release by the specialists is in two days 8)
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I hope Lone is starting to improve, poor baby. Please keep us updated.
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Fingers crossed for her
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lots of for you and Lone.
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I have no helpful insight to add, but I wanted to send wishes for quick and complete recovery and great big hugs and comforting kitty purrs from DC.
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Well.. good news!!

She's recovering, she's now able to wander around albeit very wobbly in her hind legs and she's still very grumbly when she isn't able to do what she wants, she's making it to the litter tray a lot more often and is able to hold herself upright while she digs to china from australia before doing her business!! YAY!!

She's still at the vet's clinic so she gets restful recovery time (away from Spaz who has taken to sleeping in Lone's spots lol).

It's so heartening after her initial paralysis to see her racing around (mostly cos she's leaning forward with her head so the rest of her body has to catch up or fall over) and her front legs are much better than her rear (or so it seems).

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What great news! I'm so pleased to hear that Lone is improving. You must feel so relieved. Hugs to you and Lone.
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Am glad to hear this.
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Oh, I'm so glad to hear that Lone is doing better! Sending loads of ((((healing vibes)))), and hoping her improvement continues.
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It's good to hear that she's improving. for a complete recovery.
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I just read an article about vaccines causing paralysis in pets and that may be the case. I wouldn't put the cat through horrible or expensive tests if it was perfectly fine prior to the vaccine. I think it would have been your Vet's first reaction to blame the vaccine, but of course that would almost be blaming themselves. What you did not say is what kind of vaccine and why your kitty was getting it? My Vet recommends not to get any vaccines especially in older cats that are indoor pets. My cat Smokie is perfectly healthy at about 12 years old and only had his vaccines when he was very young, none in past 8 years. Kind of like humans do. I wish you the very best and hope your kitty recovers.
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I'm so glad to hear the Lone is improving. That's good news!
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