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Confusion with vet visits/ nesscesties and temp.

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Today we decided to cancel our vet visit for Tom because of the temp ( 7 below zero) He is an older cat 14 years. I was wondering for the future does tempture effect older cats or was this action unesscary http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...s/confused.gif. I'm going to reschedule on monday.

Another question Tom is a completely indoor cat, never sets foot outside. should we go ahead with all the vacanations he's is way overdue for a visit but consittering his indoor status and advancing age we were wondering if all of them are nesscary. We will do a teeth cleaning, blood check, physical and stool sample, if possible. He was never trained to like the carrier like Bindi and so taking him in is going to be tramatic. Can you train an older cat to like the carrier. I found a small lump on his right shoulder and thought it might be serious due to his age so I made this appointment, could it be cancer or fatty deposits? He did have a weight issue thats going away, hes more active now and coat looks better sense his diet was changed.
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We have indoor cats and do NOT get all the shots. Our vet told us it wasn't necessary since they are very unlikely to contract anything due to lack of exposure. We just get the distemper and the booster shots.
As far as training a cat to like a carrier.... Some cats like carrier, some don't. It all depends on their personality and how they react being in closed spaces. I don't think there is any way to train a cat to like one. I wish you all the best and hope it turns out ok.
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It is totally an individual opinion and some what controversal. I would never ever ever vaccinate a cat over 8 years old unless it has never been vaccinated before or it's vaccination history is unknown. I have seen too many cats have horrible reactions, especially being vaccinated continuously every single year for it's entire life. Does that even seem right to anyone? I will never understand. Most vaccinations last for years, there is absolutely no need to come back for revaccinating every single year, especially a strictly indoor cat. I have also seen too many cats develop what they are being vaccinated against when they are older do to being way over vaccinated.

This is my opinion, and from my experience the best of my knowledge. I only ever vaccinate a cat for it's kitten shots and one or two adult vaccinations depending on the cat. That's it. Mine are never vaccinated again. IMO!! Not everyone is going to agree with me and you should do what you feel is right.
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Mom has two kitties, Connor & Princess that haven't had their shots in 5 years. We have been meaning to take them but they are so HARD to catch esp princess. During those years our 5 other kitties were sick and we just kept forgetting about Connor & Princess. It's funny how they haven't had shots in 5 years and are perfectly healthy yet the other 5 who get their shots regularly seem to always come down with something.
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Thanks I'll get the bosters and rabies. I'm more worried about the lumphttp://www.thecatsite.com/forums/images/smilies/bawling.gif. I'm going to help Tom in another way by having walks outside with Bindi who is harness trained this siummer so his engry is less wild and stressful for Tom. Teeth are looking better sense I've started taking care of him as well.
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