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My cat turned against our dog

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[size=3][font=arial][color=purple]Hello again,:tounge2: I would like to thank everyone who replied to my plea for help. Things are a little better,as now at least there are some peaceful moments in our household. Matilda has backed off somewhat and just goes off at Sparky every once in awhile. But I still don't understand just what makes her soo spooky when it comes to Sparky Things will be going just fine and all of a sudden she goes off at him for no apparent reason. It's just so wierd.I just pray things don't get any worse and our little family can get back to normal. Thanks again for all your help,believe me it helped alot Tamra
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Tamra... Ah, the joys of a mixed household!
I have 8 cats and 1 dog - everyone appears to have a different relationship with the dog,Sheba. One time Lumpy actually 'barked' at her and drove the dog down the hall. Go figure!! (and way too funny)

Most seem to have a 'distant' but respectful relationship with her. I hope your house settles down soon!
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My dog hated our cats, but has actually grown rather protective of them, including the new kittens. The kittens are outside, and he is also outside, and if anything comes near them, he barks at it and protects them. Out of hatred has grown love- just a sort of inspiring story for you! Hang in there, and enjoy watching their rivalry; it'll be even sweeter when they learn to love one another.

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Hi Tamra
My poor dog Banjo is in a complete state of confusion , as all six of our kitties react to him in their own way.
Monty just ignores him
Moof avoids him
Bindi loves to play with him
Misty looks at him as if he is a bug
Mishka greets him with growls, hisses and spits
Roxane attacks him.
The starnge thing is that Banjo adores them all and is so very patient with them , he tries to groom them every chance he gets.
I guess they have it all worked out between them.
Tish +
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