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Couple of food questions

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A couple weeks ago my princess picky pants (AKA Maggie) decided that nutro wet food was not good enough for her. So I tried several differnt kinds & found that they really like Natural Balance & I like it because it seems to keep them satisfied all night which means more sleep for me . I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything about the brand?

Second a friend of mine talked to a pet store worker who told her that she shouldn't switch food flavors because it can upset their stomache? I know that switch bands can do that, but I've never heard that switching flavors can. Also, they made a comment that not only have I never heard, but think it's wrong. They told her it's bad for their kidneys to switch foods? Just curious what others think.
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Natural balance is a very good food

Rotating should not be a problem unless your cat has a sensative stomache. A lot of people I know rotate their dog/cat food all the time to give variety (even different brands), I have never had a problem.
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Switching should be done gradually to help the digestive system make the change w/o tummy upsets. But unless the cat has a problem already with the kidneys no it won't hurt them.

As far as natural balance I haven't used it but it has had some great reviews.
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I rotate foods - including brands - and it doesn't upset my cats' stomachs. Jaffa had one brand this morning for breakfast then something totally different tonight for his tea. I think it's a good way to ensure they get all the nutrients they need. Unless your cat has a very sensitive stomach it shouldn't be a problem.

I can't see any reason why switching foods would affect the kidneys
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NB is a good food. Many of us switch flavors(& brands even) for a kits. Mine for Nutro pouch for supper last night & Solid Gold canned this am..../never had any problems.
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Mine rotate between several foods nearly every day. I think the more gradual switch is more important with dry food--they tend to have more digestive problems if the dry food is switched suddenly. Even then, it is generally a temporary thing.

As for kidneys, is your cat currently experiencing kidney problems? The only thing that I can think of that would adversely affect the kidneys is if a cat experiencing kidney failure is switched to a food with too much phosphorus.
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Natural Balance is a great food, I'd feed it if it weren't so expensive (dry) and if my cats would eat it (wet)

as far as switching flavors/brands, would you want to eat the same thing everyday?? I feel its fine to swtich around, especially with the wet. like cloud shade said, its more the dry that you need to gradually switch over. Don't ya just love it when our kitties decide that what you feed them is no longer good enough???
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My cats are young & healthy so there is no existing kidney problem. I really hope that my Maggie does not deicde that the NB is no longer good enough. I love that I get to sleep at night!!
The woman who told me about what the pet store told her also has a young healthy cat. I'm thinking that if she shops at this store regularly they may be praying on her anxiety. She is a wonderful sweet person, but is very anxious about things. So I'm wondering if they are trying to get her to spend more money or something. I know the pet store she shops at & I know of at least one shelter that will no longer show cats at their store becuase a couple cats in their care were very sick & they never noticed & never did anything about it. I told the woman that I had never heard anything about switching flavors being bad for the kidneys. She feeds feliday dry & apparently it has differnt flavors??? & they told her to stick with the same flavor. I appreciate the feed back so I can tell her that it's not just me that says it's OK.
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