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Mated But Still Calling

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Hello, New User And New To Cat Breeding Here. My British Shorthair Female Has Been Back From The Stud For Ten Days Now, And Is Only Now Stopping Being In A Willing To Mate State. I Have A Young Male In The House And She Wanted Him But He Is Only A Baby. Can She Still Be Pregnantto Stud Even Though Calling All This Time?.
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She might - keep the baby male away - he could be capable of mating with her and then you'd have 2 fathers mixed in the litter.

She should stop very soon - in 3 weeks you will know if it was successful - mark it on the calendar when she was mated. If she comes back into heat after 3- 3 1/2 weeks - then you know it didn't take.
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Nothing to add - GK is absolutely correct!

Just wanted to say...

"Welcome to TCS!"
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Yes you cat can be breed of an adder male 10 days after.
Some cats das not take and will come in heat aging after 14 days to 3 wicks but be also obs you cat can get to what we cal a fake heat she is going to have kittens but she have like she is in heat they say this can happen from 3 wick to 4 wick.
She will not go for breeding but she will look to you as she is one the way to get in to heat it will go away after just some days and she will be normal aging.
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I wrote a thread not too long ago, my experienced queen began calling a week after a successful mating, (rolling, screaming, ect.) I asked for advice, as if she did take, I didn't want to rebreed. I took GoldenKitties advice, to wait, but she most likely did take.
Goldenkitty was absolutely right and Momma delivered 5 healthy babies right on schedule, the 65th day from the second day of mating.
Good luck and hope you have a healthy successful breeding. Welcome to the breeding world.
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As a non-breeder, but lifelong biology "student" I would suggest that this behavior may be hard-wired in the females to ensure that a pregnancy takes place either way. I'll bet, like Familytime Rags, it "took" with the first stud, and you will find out in time.
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